Beta Launch: Social Media Content Creation Course

Stay tuned! It's launching very soon...

The Beta launch of my content creation course for Antique Dealers is almost here! You need help with social media content, and I need help fine-tuning my course. I’m so glad you’re here, and that we can help each other!

 Please leave your name and email below, and I’ll notify you the minute the course launches. 

How It Works


You'll receive an email as soon as the course launches. We take the course and learn - together!


I send you a short survey. This feedback is incredibly important in helping me improve the course, so by participating in the beta launch, you are agreeing to take the survey!

What You Will Learn

  • How to plan and create content for your social media. Includes:
      • A content calendar you can use month after month 
      • Specific content ideas for Facebook, Instagram and Facebook/Instagram Stories 
      • Photography tips and ideas 
      • Video on staging a vignette
  • How to write compelling captions 
  • How to schedule posts 
  • How to use analytics to your advantage 
  •  …and more! 

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