Simple DIY Terracotta Pot Wreath

A while back I saw these cute wreaths made out of little miniature terracotta pots, so I’ve actually been on the hunt for some to make my own wreath. Luckily, on a recent pick, I found the perfect ones to make this wreath.

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Tools and Materials

To create this wreath, you’ll need:

How to Create This Terracotta Wreath

I already had some wire wreath forms that I had purchased on Amazon. I tend to keep some on hand in case I have a spur-of-the-moment idea. I’m sure you know there is nothing worse than being struck with inspiration without having the supplies ready to bring it to life. 

My experience with hot glue sticks is that if it gets hot or cold, or if the temperature fluctuates, they often lose their stick. Therefore, I put the wire through the hole in the bottom of the terracotta pot and wired it onto the wire wreath form, set it with hot glue, and reinforced it with E6000 glue. The last step was to ensure it would last. Originally, I wanted to tuck in a photomask that I had; however, I didn’t have quite enough. Instead, I just ended up using some greenery that I had to cover up the glue and the wire and to give it a little bit of color.

When I shared this DIY on Facebook, I got a ton of requests to put real plants in the pot, which is definitely an option. There are many examples on Pinterest where they have all of the terracotta pots facing up so that you can put plants in them.

Here Is the Finished Product!

If you wanted to embellish the wreath, you could add some ribbon, birds nest eggs, paint, or even some flowers to give it a pop of color. Since I’m more of a neutral home decor lover and like things to be pretty simple, this is how my wreath turned out. 

A wreath of terracotta pots. The pots are placed in a circle with plants. This piece of home decor is hung on a distressed brick wall.

So hopefully seeing this wreath tutorial helps motivate you to make one of your own. Show me your creation by tagging me on Instagram @TheJunkParlor.

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