Trash to Treasure: Succulent Centerpiece

So I was out on a pick and found some chicken feeders—the long, skinny galvanized ones—to which someone had added 2×4’s. I really liked the way it looked, and I was inspired to make it look even better by repurposing it as a succulent centerpiece. 

Click on the button below to watch me create this succulent centerpiece.

Tools and Materials

To create this succulent centerpiece you’ll need:

How to create this repurposed Succulent Centerpiece

I decided to start by adding feet to the feeders. I had my dad cut the boards and screw them into the four corners of the feeder. Next, I picked up some succulents at our local Walmart and used some dirt I already had to plant them.

The final step was placing the repurposed feeder turned centerpiece onto my dining room table–as you can see, it looks great here, though I think it would look fantastic anywhere!

Here is the finished product!

The biggest issue now is going to be keeping the succulents alive. Even though everyone says succulents are very hard to kill, in the past I’ve always managed to kill them—as I’m writing this, in fact, I’m looking at the succulents and half of them are starting to brown and look dead! I would love to hear your tips for keeping succulents alive in the comments and your thoughts on the piece. 

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