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Make this Bee Decoupage Clipboard

Decoupage: it’s a word I love to say, though maybe I don’t love writing it so much (does anyone love writing it?) I also love the style, so I decided to decoupage a clipboard to show some of my antique lovers what they could do with their ephemera, all those paper items they have laying around…post cards, calendar pages, ticket stubs.

Click on the button below to watch me create this decoupaged clipboard.

Tools and Materials

To create this Bee Decoupage Clipboard, you’ll need:

The reaction was a bit unexpected…

I could never in a million years have guessed the reaction this project would garner across social media. I’d love to be able to tell you it was mostly positive, but that would be a lie. I highly encourage you to go to the video and read some of the nasty things people felt they needed to say about my project.

Yes- I’ll totally admit that I used way too much decoupage, but it was a video for inspiration, so I chose to continue on with the project. But the amount of people that felt it necessary to go out of their way to spread needless hate- well, to that I guess I’ll say thanks for the views. MILLIONS of views!! That means ad revenue for me, which definitely softens the blow after reading comments!

I don’t claim to be a professional crafter, I simply love sharing my unique vision with those of you who can appreciate it and I remain hopeful that someone out there will see my vision in this decoupage and be inspired to create something beautiful from their own ephemera. I hope you saw my vision in this and enjoyed it as much as I did creating it!

Here is the finished decoupage project!

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