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There’s nothing like testing out a Pinterest Tutorial Live! I attempted to make a candy ribbon wreath. While it turned out super cute, it took FOREVER! Now that I’ve made one, I am confident I can speed up the process when I make my next one!


Sometimes all you need to do is a practice run on a DIY project in order to adapt it to work for you! The next time I make one of these, I will not buy ribbon with wire! My other adaptation would be to fold the ribbon as I go. Meaning fold it, put it on the wire, fold it, put it on the wire, etc.


Watch the process and you will see why I am making these suggestions…


I started by purchasing red and white ribbon. The rest of the supplies needed I had on hand… an awl, wire and a glue gun.

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How To

Take two rolls of ribbon, unwind them and lay them together with wrong sides facing. The next step is to fold over the raw ends and glue them down to make a finished edge. Then, glue each ribbon together, wrong sides together. You only need to take it on the end, you don’t need to stick them together all the way down the length of the ribbon.

Fold the ribbon every 3 inches. Use the awl to poke a hole for your wire to thread through. I initially shaped my wire by wrapping it around a 3 gallon crock. Once the ribbon is threaded onto the wire, you will need to space the ribbon out and shape it. If you picked ribbon that didn’t have a wire on it, this task would be much easier and go much quicker.

To secure the ends, use tape that matches your wire. Repeat the process of making a finished end when you get to the end of the ribbon. Then, glue the ends together. I recommend laying one over the top of the other, which I did not do. I did use that technique when I made a ribbon to hang the wreath.


To hang the wreath I too extra ribbon, wrapped it around the wreath where I had secured the wire ends with tape, and then glued the ends together, by laying them on top of each other. This allows for a continuous loop.

This candy ribbon wreath turned out beautiful and was cheap and easy to make, but with the wire in my ribbon, took a bit longer than expected! Watch for me to do another one without the wire!

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