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Chicken Wire + Window Frame

DIY, The Junk Parlor shows you how to add chicken wire to a window frame.

I have so many single-pane windows. Anytime anyone has windows to get rid of they call me, and I have a hard time saying no! I’ve sold a lot of windows, but I still have a lot. I just don’t want to store them anymore, so I’ve been trying to brainstorm ways to reuse the windows.

DIY, The Junk Parlor shows you how to add chicken wire to a frame.

What I would really like to do is make a little playhouse/greenhouse, essentially just made out of windows. Some of these windows have broken glass, so my first idea was to repurpose the frames. A long time ago we decorated my daughter’s walls with empty window frames that I had put chicken wire in. We spray painted clothespins hot pink and clipped pictures and any little keepsakes she had onto the chicken wire. Those two windows hung side-by-side above her bed. I have a lot of windows, and I have a lot of chicken wire from my grandparent’s farm. I kept it knowing that I would use it eventually for different projects and I have.

DIY, The Junk Parlor shows you how to add chicken wire to an old window frame.

How to get started:

So using wire cutters I trimmed up the chicken wire. After that I layed the frame over top and used the wire cutters to cut the chicken wire. Then using a staple gun, you just staple the chicken wire onto the back of the frame. Now I have found that the chicken wire can scratch up the wall. To prevent that, I like to use felt pads on the back of the window. The felt pads are thick enough that they will hold the window off of the wall. I’ve also seen people use the window foam stuff that keeps the air out, it has tape on one side. They run it all the way down around the chicken wire. You can also take a little piece of lath, and nail it on the back of the chicken wire. That will sandwich the chicken wire in between those small boards and the window frame. So you do have a few options to make it look more professional from the back side.

Watch the live video below that I did on Facebook to see how I did it.


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