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Christmas Decoupage Tray DIY Craft for Your Beautiful Home

Today I am going to decoupage a silver tray from my stash with some festive Christmas wrapping paper. I think I first saw this idea either on Pinterest or in real life at an antique shop and I decided to try it for myself! As I worked on this DIY, I learned a couple of things. As you know, I like to dive in and try different things out and this project is no different. Watch my video or keep reading to see what I found out!

Tools & Materials

Let’s Get Started

Take your wrapping paper and cut it to the size of the center of the tray. A quick tip for doing this – flip your tray over, and lay the sheet of wrapping paper (printed side down) on top. Then use a piece of crayon to rub around the edge. Think of those leaf rubbings you did in school with crayons, it is a similar idea! This technique will allow you to quickly trace around the bottom of the tray. I didn’t have a crayon on hand when I did my live video of this DIY, so I just used a piece of chalk. 

Chalk is also great because it wipes right off. Since I was using white chalk and the back of my wrapping paper is also white, I had to make my line on the printed side of the paper so I could see it. After you have finished tracing, cut out your wrapping paper circle. Try to get the smoothest cut possible.

Now it is time to decoupage! Start by covering the bottom of your tray with mod podge. Then place your wrapping paper circle on top, carefully smoothing to try to avoid wrinkles. After your wrapping paper is in place, top with another thin coat of modge podge. The modge podge will dry clear. If you have excess mod podge that you need to remove, use a rag to wipe it up. Then let it dry!

The Final Product & A Few Things I Learned

If you watched my live video, then you know I learned that silver trays are not magnetic. I had intended to create a little magnet board for holiday cards or photos, but that didn’t quite work out. There is a spray/paint that you can use to make things magnetic. I  actually have some on hand but I didn’t realize the tray wasn’t magnetic in time to use it!

I had been thinking of creating little magnets to go with this project by using magnets that you can buy and hot gluing items to them. Think bottle caps, game pieces, vintage Christmas light bulbs, etc. 

Since my tray didn’t end up being magnetic, it could be used as a display piece for the holidays to add color throughout the home. That is how I chose to use mine! As you can see, I have mine displayed with some oil can ornament holders. You could also glue on a picture, or recipe, or set it in the back of a china cupboard for color. 

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