Social Media Content Creation Course, Module 2

Module 2: How to Craft Engaging Posts


Facebook and Instagram are incredibly visual platforms, so it’s important that your images are clear, attractive and exciting. Here are my go-to photography tips: 

  • Take photos during the day in natural light  
  • If photographing with your phone, clean your lens before taking any photos 
  • Stage your own photos, as seen in the video here 
  • Play with camera angles
  • Use an editing app such as Lightroom to touch up your photos and add a filter, if needed

Writing Captions

What do you want your customer to do? Be sure to tell them to click this link, sign up for this opt-in, come to my brick and mortar, tell your friend about the anniversary sale, etc. Be specific with what action you want them to take.

Once you know the content of your post, you will need to write a caption. Here are the components of a good caption:

Explain the Post

Is the weather making you think of spring and the photo is a spring display? Are you feeling overwhelmed, so you're sharing a photo of a dirty workspace? Did you just finish a home DIY project or make a craft that you want to show off? Tell your audience about the photo.

Ask a Question

The key to a successful business is building relationships. You want to get to know your followers, and the only way to do this is to get them to interact with you. You have to give them a reason to comment, not just to click the like button. This interaction can also help you learn what they like so that you can post more of that!

Answer the Question

Your followers want to get to know you too, and one way this can happen is for you to tell them about your likes and dislikes. This further builds your relationship because you are opening up to them, and you are making friends virtually! It also gives them an idea of what type of answer you are looking for.

Respond to Comments

Don't forget to take the time to respond to comments. If someone took the time to comment on your post, then you should take the time to respond to them. Every comment you have on a post will help you with the algorithm, which means that the the platform will expose you to more people. If the algorithm sees that people are engaging in your post, then it will show more people your post. This also helps you build relationships with your customers and encourages them to comment on future posts.

When responding to comments on Instagram, use four or more words. This is because the algorithm prefers longer comments.

When To Post

Now that you have your content and caption ideas, you need to make a schedule.  I recommend posting once or twice a day to Facebook.  When you post is up to you.  A lot of this depends on your target audience and when they are active online. 

Not sure when your audience is active? The best way to find out is to post. You could do Monday early in the am, Tuesday at lunch, Wednesday in the afternoon, Thursday early evening, and Friday late.  Check your insights, what did well, what didn’t do well? The next week you could reverse that schedule. And a third week you could try a different time for each day.  Then after those 3 weeks, look at your insights and determine, what to do.  Check by the day and by the week and see what gave you the best results.  You will want to analyze this again.  Not only is it the time of day, but can also be what kind of post was posted at that time. 

Something to remember about ALL of your content is that it does not need to be real time! You can say, "Today I worked on repairing this chair..." when really you did it two weeks ago and have already sold the chair. So don’t worry about things being real time.

Staying on Brand

As an antique dealer, we want to focus on antiques.  This can simply mean that we need to remember our job as we write captions and pick photos.  For example, If you wanted to share your taco soup recipe… How does that have anything to do with antiques?  If you love an anti-wrinkle cream that you want to share… How does that pertain to antiques? Well, I believe if you just post those things it’s going to feel “off” or foreign to your followers.  But, if we tweak these topics a little bit with an antique dealer in mind, we can make them work.  

For example, maybe the taco soup recipe is your grandma’s, and the recipe is in her handwriting on a recipe card.  You can take a picture of the recipe card that is held up with a magnet on a metal piece of an old grater. The grater is nestled in a wooden box with a small crock of wooden spoons. Your photo now says antique dealer, and in your caption, you can talk about the taco soup.

Here’s another idea. Take a photo of a tablescape you created, incorporating antiques into the centerpiece and/or place setting.  The bowl is filled with taco soup, or you simply talk about the taco soup in your caption, but the photo is of antiques in a tablescape. Do you see how we took something that might not seem on brand but made it relevant? 

What about the wrinkle cream?  Maybe have the wrinkle cream displayed in a vintage medicine cabinet or in front of a vintage mirror with old medicine bottles?  Adding antique items to the photo and writing your caption with antiques in mind can turn something that might not seem on brand at first, into something completely brand appropriate.