Social Media Content Creation Course: Module 3

Module 3: Facebook

Is your content calendar downloaded and ready to go? Great, now it’s time to fill it up! Below are some ideas to get you started. 

Fill out your calendar using these ideas. For example, on Mondays you can do a themed post, on Wednesdays you can go live, and on Fridays, you’ll share a staged photo. Feel free to mix it up from week to week, and to put your own spin on these concepts. After a few weeks of posting, you’ll begin to see what works for your audience and what doesn’t. More on that in Module 6! 

Themed Posts

I highly recommend creating themes for your posts. That means that each day you post should correlate to a designated theme. Not only does this make your social media content consistent, it also makes it easier for you to plan and post.  For example, I have Saturdays scheduled as Design Dilemma Days.  On Design Dilemma Days, I post a submitted photo or one of my own, and we give the homeowner suggestions to their Dilemma. The great thing about this is I do not have to think about what to post.  I know it’s Saturday, so I know what to do.  I like to give my themes creative names that I make sure to mention each week in the post.  This helps attract those that really enjoy those posts to find you on that day.

Here are some ideas…

What Is It Wednesday, Stump Me Saturday/Sunday 

Share photos of items that you haven’t identified, or items you think your followers might not be familiar with.  You can also ask your followers to share items that they would like identified.

History Report, Let’s Learn More, Did You Know?

Share photos of items and give a history report on them. You can include tidbits such as the year the item was made, why it was made, and anything else you may know about the item.

Friday Feature, Favorite Finds, Favorite Friends, Furniture Feature 

These posts could be used to feature your top 3 or 5 favorite finds from the week.  You might feature a single event from the week: a good pick, a DIY project, a painted furniture piece, etc.  You could feature other antique shops located in your town or around your town.  You could feature your booth neighbors.  You could feature other dealers out of your area that you enjoy following.  You might also share favorite products that you use.  This could include paint, cleaning supplies, shipping products and more.

Secret Sources, Pickin’ Party, Thriftin’ Thursday

Share where you find your junk! Do you like garage sales, thrift shops, private sales, antique malls, flea markets? Share where you go and what you find.  You can also provide tips on how to find these places, navigate them, or carry your haul.


Nothing will get a better reach than going LIVE.  Plan for your LIVE videos to last at least 15 minutes.  If you can be consistent in your LIVEs, they will tend to have more LIVE viewers, but these will also get a good reach from people watching the replay.  Some ideas you could repurpose:

  • Have a LIVE Facebook Sale every Monday at noon
  • Do a LIVE shop tour every Thursday at 6
  • Demonstrate a DIY project every Sunday afternoon
  • Go LIVE at a thrift shop every Thursday

Whatever works in your own schedule is best because you will be committed to being LIVE every week, week after week.  If most of your followers work 9 to 5, and you can go live one night during the week then I would suggest doing that versus during the day.

Good = Go LIVE when it works for you and not your viewers because most will watch on the replay.

Better = Go LIVE when it works for you and your viewers.

About Me

People buy from those they know like and trust, right?  Do your followers know you? Do they know your face? Be sure to share your face in your feed about every 5 to 10 posts. 

The photo for an About Me post could be a selfie, you holding an item, you standing behind your checkout counter, you standing in the middle of your store, booth, workshop, etc. The photo could be you sitting in a chair in your yard, or you at an auction. The specifics aren’t important, but people need to associate your business with your face.  

Using one of those picture examples you can do a number of different captions.  Some caption ideas are 5 things you like, 5 things you don’t like, 3 truths and 1 lie, why you started your business, your favorite thing about your business, how you came up with your business name, etc.


You are a business. You make money by selling items.  Don’t be afraid to sell your stuff.  So often people are not selling on their social media pages when they make money from selling products.  The more items you post for sale, the more items you will sell! You can post photos of single items, create a vignette and sell multiple items, or you can sell by doing a Facebook Live. For more on that, check out my Guide to Selling on Facebook Live!

Be sure to review how people can purchase with you every single time.  What is the process? Do they shop from your website, do they PayPal or Venmo you, are you sending them an invoice, does it come in an email, or via Facebook Messenger?  Do they need to pay within 24 hours or once a week? Is shipping included or an additional charge, or do you only offer in-store pickup?


Our booths and shops are always “set up” with displays.  Taking photos around your space is an easy way to get some content! You can showcase your booth or shop, both inside and out. 

Tip: Take multiple photos of your displays from different vantage points. Get up close, right side, left side, from a birds' eye view. Squat down and take a shot upward, or stand far back and include the whole area. Walk down the aisle to the right and left and take a photo. You can also try standing on a chair.

Staged Photos

Staged photos are when you pull out merchandise to create a vignette for no other reason than for a photograph.  This could be when you stage a recent pickin’ haul in front of your truck, barn, garage doors.  This could also be when you gather all of your ironstone and create a curated vignette.


We need to constantly be working on growing our email list.  If you have a pop-up on a website, that’s great, but that’s not enough.  Plan on a weekly post that sends followers to sign up for your email.  You will need an opt-in for this. If you have 5 opt-ins, you can do a different one each week, but even if you have one opt-in, you can post about it in different ways and use the same one each week.  For example, I will use my opt-in My Favorite Cleaning Supplies.  I could use the landing page image, share it and write a caption that includes a link to the landing page for them to sign-up.  I could stage a photo of each of my favorite cleaning supplies mixed in with some junk and include a sign-up link in my caption.  I could do a video of using each one of the products,  and I could do photos of using each one too. Example caption: “I pulled out the power washer today to clean up all of the junk I’ve been pulling from barns.  This stuff is just too dirty to clean by hand and the power washer is SO MUCH quicker!  Every time I use it I think about how I shouldn’t have waited so long to purchase one.” 


If you take the time to write blog posts, then you need to send your followers to your blog.  Organic traffic is not going to be enough for most of us, we need to tell people to go to our blog.  You could post about your blog in many ways.  One idea could be to take a photo of you at the computer, or your view of your computer. Or it could be a photo from the blog post you are going to link. Blogs can also be repurposed year after year. For example, if you wrote a blog post about Easter 2019 that you wanted to share about again in 2021, you could take a new photo and link to the old blog post. 


If you have a YouTube channel then you need to tell people about that too!  Take a photo of what the video is about, take a 15-second video clip, or take a “behind the scenes shot” of your camera setup on a tripod. Include a direct link to the video on YouTube. 

One way to do some editing of video and photos is to upload them to stories, edit and then save without ever posting to Instagram Stories. You can also use your phones screen record feature. I have been utilizing Splice for video editing on my iPhone as well.


Send people to your shop. Customers can’t shop if they don’t know you have an online platform.

You can repost the product photos you used for your items.  You can take a staged photos of the product mixed in with other items for sale, but focus on the one listing/item.  You can stage the item in your own home and give people ideas on how to decorate with it. You can also have a video revealing the product and then share the link to your e-commerce in the caption.

Event & Time Sensitive

Maybe you are hosting a big event or a giveaway that is time-specific.  Maybe you are doing a collaboration and the group is required to post certain things at certain times that week.  You may also have an open cart or sale on a product scheduled for a specific time.  These types of posts are both ones that have been planned in advance and are more of a last-minute nature.  But no matter the notice of when something needs to be posted, it is time-sensitive because it has to get posted at a certain time to have relevance.