Social Media Content Creation Course, Module 4

Module 4: Instagram

When you’re planning content for Instagram, you can use all of the ideas from Module 3. In addition to those content ideas, you can try hashtag games and focus on collaboration. 

Hashtag Games

Hashtag games are when a group of people have teamed up to host a hashtag. The group then picks one winner each week to feature on all of their accounts. This is a great way to gain exposure because it shows your account to more people, and if you stick with hashtags that are on brand, you will also reach more of your target customers. 


follometojunk hashtag

This hashtag gives users a new list of vintage items each week to find and use in a photo.  One of your posts for each week could include finding the items on the list, creating a vignette and sharing the photo.

I’m using this hashtag as an example because it is very specific. Use books to create a display and “play” this hashtag. Another example would be #ironstonecrushin. If you have a lot of ironstone, then this could be the focus of a weekly post.

This hashtag isn’t a game, but it can still give you inspiration for what to gather to create a display.  This could also be the theme of one area of your shop or booth that then allows you to take multiple pictures for multiple posts.

While you can use these hashtags as inspiration for your Facebook posts, I do not recommend using hashtags on Facebook OR posting simultaneously to both platforms. You can copy and paste captions and use the same photo, but don’t have them post at the same time. Personally, I like to stagger photos between platforms and write new captions. I know I have a lot of people that follow me on both platforms, and I want to give them different content on both.


Not only can you play hashtags, you can also create your own and collaborate with other dealers! 

Why do we want to collaborate with other dealers?  They already have our ideal customer following them and now our business is getting exposed to our ideal customer.

The example here shows my photo for #virtualfleamarketsaturday. As you can see, it features a number of antique and vintage dealers. These dealers will also be sharing the same group on their Instagram pages, which will increase everyone’s exposure. 

Bonus: Creating a Week's Worth of Instagram Posts

In this video, I walk you through how I stage, photograph and post my Instagram photos. This video does include tips for curating your feed, writing captions and including hashtags.