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Creating a Simple Patriotic Bunting

I was given some fabric scraps, and as I was sorting through them I realized some were shaped like triangles and others like diamonds. So I got the idea to make a patriotic bunting.

Click on the button below to watch me create this patriotic bunting.

Tools and Materials

To create this patriotic bunting, you’ll need:

How to create this simple patriotic bunting

Cutting the diamond scraps of fabric in half gave me six triangles. I already had some blue latex paint on hand. I also had white latex paint as well as some old Annie Sloan chalk paint in red. So I decided to make some of the triangles blue with white stars and others red-striped. 

Then, I took the painter’s tape and laid it out every other one as seen in the video, and then painted red on the fabric. I plan to remove the tape when the paint is wet, as I think it makes for a crisper line. (Quick tip: When you’re painting around tape you do want to consider the direction you’re carrying the paintbrush.) 

Then I painted all blue on three of the triangles and let that dry. After that, I came back and I used my star stencil to haphazardly paint the stars on the piece. After doing stars on all three triangle pieces, I decided that on one of them I accidentally did a pattern that I really liked. I ended up going back over some of the white stars with blue paint and re-did them so that they all had the pattern where there were four stars on the left to three stars to two stars to one star.

Then I took some larger twine that I had on hand and used my hot glue gun to adhere the triangle pieces to the twine. Using a ruler, I measured 12 inches between each triangle piece. I’m not selling this bunting, but if you want the triangle pieces to be closer together, I suggest simply cutting the twine and tying a knot the distance you prefer. In my case, 12 inches between each piece is ideal because it makes this bunting large enough to cover my entire shed.

Here is the finished product!

I think it looks great against the galvanized tin; I can also envision it on the porch.

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