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The weather forecast had our Iowa temperatures in the 40’s for a few days this week, so I figured I’d better take advantage of the warmer weather and do some projects outside! Today I am creating a winter planter for my front porch.

I’ve always thought about making a winter planter, so I’m excited that I’m actually executing this goal this year! To fill the planter I drove around and cut different types of evergreen from trees in the ditches. If you don’t have the tools needed to cut branches or don’t live where you can scour the ditches you could get supplies HERE.

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I also collected some red twigs to create some height and give the planter color. I wish I could find some white birch logs to use, but the one tree I was familiar with was no longer available to cut on! But, I’m still on the look out!

The basics to creating my winter planter. First you need something to hold your branches in place. I used my mums. I placed a 2×4 scrap in the bottom to elevate the base.

Next, I put the red twigs in the middle of my pot.

Then, I started with one type of greenery and worked my way around the entire perimeter of the pot.

I continued to go around in a circle with the other 3 types of greenery I had, each one with it’s own row or layer.

My mums were heavily rooted and slightly frozen, so I often stabbed the dirt with a screw driver first.

To help the stems go in the dirt I also removed some of the branches from the bottom of the piece I was going to use.

Creating these winter planter pots was so easy and inexpensive and now I want to fill everything with greenery!

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