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Creative Ideas for Wrapping Presents

The Junk Parlor shares different ways to wrap your gifts.

Hey everybody!  I am trying to get some Christmas presents wrapped.  I don’t know about you, but I pretty much have most of my shopping done.  I was really hoping to convince my daughter to wrap all of the Christmas presents, but that hasn’t happened yet.  And since we have our first Christmas party a week from today, I figured I better get on it. 

I am the type of person who wraps with whatever I have and I normally don’t do much “bling” to my Christmas packages.  Probably the biggest reason is because we literally pack all the Christmas presents for both sides of the family, for the kids, for everybody, and then we haul it in the back of the truck.  So when you’re packing presents and a week’s worth of stuff in the back of the truck you know there is going to be damage to the pretty packages. But this year… I’ve been going a little bit crazy pinning gift wrapping ideas on Pinterest, so I thought I’d test some out.

I have a whole bunch of craft paper, so I thought this would be good wrapping paper and I can just embellish on this. I used my Pinterest board for inspiration, but decided I am only using things I already have. I tend to save bits and pieces that I “might use some day.” Am I the only person who’s like that? And then it just sits in a box and then maybe someday I use it, and sometimes I get sick of it and just pitch it after I’ve saved it for years!!

This one is probably my favorite… In the shop I have a bunch of old photographs, just of random things.  I picked this old barn photo to go on this package because it’s LEGOs for my nephew.  Using masking tape I secured the picture. Then wrapped baker’s twine around it, intentionally not wrapping it all in one place. I have a bunch of this twine laying around for price tags in the shop.

For this one, I started by wrapping the twine like I did in the photograph picture.  And then I had these snowflake ornaments that I saved. They were bundled together, so I’m just taking them and cutting them off to use separately.  Then I tied it to the package.  

Again, I just use things that I already have, and all I had in my daughter’s craft area was an orange pom-pom!  I suggest using e6000 glue for all of your crafts, so glue the nose on and take a Sharpie to draw on eyes and antlers.

For this, I just used plastic bulbs, which I have a ton of. I had ribbon leftover from grabbing it at another Christmas and thought it was pretty.  So I tied the bulbs together with the baker’s twine and then tied those to the ribbon.

I had saved some stuff from my scrapbooking days and decided it would be fun to stamp the recipients name on the package. I used a clear ink pad and some stamps that I had saved. This is “Versamark” watermark. If you don’t have a stamp pad a Sharpie works great too!

We’re going to do the same concept with the string before as far as wrapping it around the gifts, but this time I added these bells. I don’t know why I had been saving these, but I think they are the perfect addition to a Christmas gift!

These pine cones were already painted.  They don’t have to be painted.  It’s just what I already had in my stash.  For this, we’re going to use the twine, which is a little bit thicker because it’s going to coordinate with the colors of our package a little bit better.  I wrapped the twine around in the pine cone and knotted it to tie them onto the package.  You can also use another piece of twine to tie them onto the package.

Like I said, all of this stuff is just stuff I have lying around and that’s why I used it.  DIY, and cheap and easy crafts are only that, if you don’t have to go out and buy everything for the project. Use Pinterest and this post as inspiration and then look around your own home and wrap your gifts with what you have!

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    1. I think a clear coat would work much better. I use miniwax polyacrylic because it doesn’t yellow. If you go to my Amazon Shop, tab at the top of the page, you can see what the packaging looks like. I do think you need to research it, I’m not sure you can clear coat over wax… I would visit Annie Sloan’s page or Miss Mustarseed and see what they say. I’m pretty sure I’ve read about it on Mustardseeds blog. You can paint over wax, so you could always repaint those doors and then wax again…Good luck!

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