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Deconstructing A Lamp Shade…a crazy easy DIY

A quick and easy deconstructed lamp shade with The Junk Parlor.

A lot of times I will pick up lamp shades, at thrift stores, garages sales, or when I’m out on a pick. Especially the ones that have a lot of curves and unique shape to them. I don’t worry about what the fabric looks like on them, if they’re moldy, if they’re falling apart, etc. because I’m going to deconstruct them.

How to start deconstructing…

To deconstruct them, most of the time the fabric is going to be super, super fragile because it’s old and you can probably rip the fabric by hand. However you can use scissors or an exacto knife, anything you need to help yourself basically rip the fabric off. You can see in the video how sometimes I will leave more fabric on the piece and sometimes I will strip it all the way down. You never know for sure what it’s going to look like underneath. Some pieces are going to have fabric wrapped around the top and bottom ring others will not. Once you rip the fabric off it is completely bare and metal, there’s really no way to predict this so you just want to pick something that has the curves and shape that you like.

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What can I do with them?

Then you can take these deconstructed lamp shades and hang them from a corner in your house in a grouping of three, because remember odd groupings always look better. Hang them in your porch as a little display mixed with some plants. Use them as a cloche and set them over a vignette on a table just to accentuate the stuff that is underneath the lamp shade. Add it to a lamp. Give them a different life by applying zippers, rulers, or fabric. String together with a hole punch some vintage slides or pictures. Tie lace on them, or make your own by cutting up lace tablecloths or curtains into strips and tying those from top to bottom on the lamp shade. There are tons of opportunities to use these lamp shades! Need more ideas? Check this out.

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    1. Hang with twine or fishing line on your porch or in the house. Put back on the lamp, add a round top and make a side table, use it as a cloche over something smaller on a table!

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