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I think if you are going to take the time to decorate your packages and do a pretty job wrapping, then you need to take the time to display them. I’m sharing how I go about decorating around the tree.

The tips I talk about in my Staging Your Antique Shop group apply to so many things! These “rules” for making things look pretty apply to so much around us. From putting together a stylish out fit, to arranging food on a plate, to putting flowers in a vase…all of these things follow certain elements of design.

One of these “rules” is to very the height of your items in a display. I need a lot of height when decorating around the tree because our tree is so elevated. That leaves a lot of empty space underneath to create a display with the packages.

I tried to place packages of different heights next to each other and also stacked the packages at different heights. I also changed up the levels and added interest, but using things other than packages, such as the wagon and architectural salvage. I also used the candy canes from an earlier DIY.

I’d love to see how you decorate around your tree! Share it with me.

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