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DIY nest, thejunkparlor.com
Get some grapevine garland HERE.

I’m so excited to be sharing with you this quick and easy DIY birds nest! Here’s how it all started…

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I recently cleaned out my storage room. Read about that HERE. When I did I found all kinds of surprises! About 8 years ago I was on our local Christmas Tour of Homes. On one of my trees I had wrapped grapevine around it and decorated it with bandannas. When I found the grapevine I decided I must do a project with it!

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A few weeks later while thrifting, I found a birds nest. I immediately thought of this grapevine and decided a DIY birds nest would be the perfect way to use it up. I’m big on doing projects with what you already have. It never saves you money if you have to go purchase all of the products! I had tons of moss at the store, so I grabbed some of that. I also had numerous wire choices, hot glue, and adhesive spray in my workshop. I figured that would be all I would need to replicate the look of my inspiration nest.

DIY nest, thejunkparlor.com
The inspiration birds nest has eggs and beside it was my first attempt.


DIY nest, thejunkparlor.com

Get some moss HERE.

DIY nest, thejunkparlor.com

Get spray adhesive HERE.

DIY nest, thejunkparlor.com

For pruning shears go HERE.

I started with a practice birds nest off camera, and then I went live on my Facebook page. I made a couple on camera and then finished up using all of my grapevine off camera. I got better at making them the more I did. I also decided that I really liked the small birds nests the most. Now I need to get some eggs!

Finished Product

Watch the DIY birds nest video below…


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