DIY Chocolate Bunnies & Golden Ducks

I know we would all probably prefer to EAT chocolate bunnies, but they look pretty darn cute on an Easter tablescape too!  So, let’s make some! Here’s how to make DIY chocolate bunnies and golden ducks for your spring decor.

To say this project is quick, easy and cheap is an understatement.  Seriously the hardest part might be imagining what bunny will look best chocolate!  All you need is spray paint and something to spray!

Of course as soon as I decided to do this project and was on the hunt for bunnies, I couldn’t find any!  Isn’t that how it goes! So my plan is to look year round for them and then once I have a bunch lined up, spray them all at once!

I cannot take credit for this idea.  One of my Facebook followers, Amber, makes them with her sister and I thought it was brilliant!  I decided to also be on the hunt for ducks, and swans to paint because I thought a bright, shiny gold would be a great touch to an Easter display.

Here is just a quick display I put together to show you how cute these chocolate bunnies are!

Which do you prefer?  Flat Brown or Espresso?

Are you interested in another cheap and easy DIY? Learn a new use for plastic Easter eggs HERE.

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