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DIY Reindeer Scrabble Board – A Unique Addition to Your Christmas Decor!

Scrabble is a great game to play with family and friends, but it can also make for a great DIY! Today for my 25 days of Christmas DIY I am making a reindeer Scrabble board. This DIY Scrabble board could make a unique addition to anyone’s Christmas decor. You might already have a Scrabble board around home that you don’t use or they can usually be found at thrift stores.

Tools & Materials

Ready, Set, Glue!

Decide on the words you want to use on your Scrabble board before you start. I picked reindeer names, but you could use other holiday words (merry, joy, wish, peace, noel, believe, etc.). 

Lay out all your words on your Scrabble board to make sure they fit the way you want them to. Like in decorating, you don’t want everything evenly stacked. Having words off center from each other will give your board more visual interest.

Once your words are laid out how you want them, it is time to start gluing. I found that it worked best to put a dot of hot glue on the board and then press the tile into it. The great thing about hot glue is that if you don’t like how a tile is sitting, it is easy to pull up and try again.

The Final Product

This board would be a cute DIY for a family room – especially if your family loves board games! It would even be a great gift to someone who enjoys board games. 

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