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DIY Moss Covered Lamp Shade

Pinterest can be dangerous, right? While scrolling I found a picture of a lamp shade hanging that looked like it was covered in moss. That photo was all it took for me to decided to DIY a moss covered lamp shade. Do you like Pinterest too? Follow me.

So one of the rules I have about money saving crafts and projects, is that it’s only money saving if I already have the supplies! Sometimes I have items that need repurposed because that helps them sell. And sometimes I have supplies because of boxed lots I purchase at aucitons. These random things sometimes come in handy for projects. For this project you will need a lamp shade, hot glue, scissors and moss.

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I often use lamp shades in my antique store. I typically deconstruct them. Some deconstruct with a better end look than others! If you’d like to see what I do, check it out HERE.

Lamp shades can be hung from fishing line or twine from the ceiling, preferably bundled in 3’s (see design tips here). I could see them looking great in the corner of a room or out on your deck. I have also used lamp shades as cloches. Basically, using them as a way to highlight the items on display underneath. You can also use them as a base to a glass top to make a cute little side table.

THIS lamp shade is an awesome shade shape!!! It would be great covered in moss no matter how you wanted to use it!

But adding some moss to those plain ones that I have deconstructed was my most recent DIY project. To see another project where I used moss, check HERE. If you need some moss, click HERE.

4 thoughts on “DIY Moss Covered Lamp Shade”

    1. I have not, as I make them then sell them, but I love that idea! You could hang them with twine or fishing line if you want them to be floating! You could use a light kit from IKEA or even strands of fairy lights if you want! So many possibilities!

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