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Drink Caddy – A Unique Father’s Day Gift

This drink caddy makes the perfect personalized gift for Father’s Day or any other special occasion. This gift is easy to put together and will definitely make your loved one feel special! Keep reading to learn how to put your own together!

Watch the video to see how I assembled this gift:

The Inspiration

I was inspired to put together a gift like this in two different ways. Initially, we received a drink caddy like this for Christmas one year with some beer in it. After that I did end up making a few of my own, adding the bottle openers, and then selling them. Then, around graduation a couple of years ago, I saw someone take these caddies and fill them with a variety of drinks and snacks for graduation gifts. They even dressed it up a little more by tying balloons to the top. I loved the idea and thought it could work well for Father’s Day too!


Putting it Together

You can start by adding your filler. For filler, you can use crinkle cut paper shred filler or some burlap ribbon. If you are using the crinkle cut paper shred filler, I would definitely suggest putting this in first. When I used the burlap ribbon, I tucked it in around the items after filling up the crate with goodies.

Ideas for Filling the Drink Caddy

You can pick up the recipient’s favorite sodas from your local grocery store. However, if you want to take it up a notch, it would be fun to find some sodas in glass bottles to add! A favorite beer would be a great option as well.

Next, add some snacks! These days it is so easy to find little individual servings of various snacks, and there are tons of options – mini bags of chips, pretzels, popcorn, cookies, etc. If you know they have a sweet tooth, you could also include their favorite candy bars.

After you have it stuffed, you could just tuck your Father’s Day card in, and stop there you’d have a great gift! However, if you want to add a few more surprises I definitely have more ideas!

Gift Cards

Gift cards to their favorite places would be an excellent touch – think favorite restaurants and favorite stores! If this is a Father’s Day gift, you might want to pick up a gift card for their favorite home improvement store. You could also go with an Amazon card or generic Visa gift card. 

Also, consider adding in a subscription box! You can get subscription boxes for just about anything these days! Beer/Wine, Food, Socks, you name it! If they love junk, don’t forget that I do subscription boxes too! Learn more about my mystery junk box by reading this blog post. Details for purchasing a junk box can be found here.

Additional Gift Ideas

Depending on the interests of the recipient of your drink caddy, you can add in other small gifts that would be useful! Small tools could be a great option – think about the ones they are always misplacing or looking for! A tape measure, flashlight, carpenter’s pencil, a multibit screwdriver, or utility knife would be great options. If they are a grill master you could add in sauces, seasonings, or a thermometer. Get creative and look for small items to give your gift an extra personal touch!

Filling a Drink Caddy – The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Learn how to put together a unique & thoughtful Father's Day Gift!
Total Time20 minutes
Course: Craft
Cost: ?


  • Drink Caddy Crate
  • Filler
  • Beverages
  • Snacks
  • Gift Cards/Cash
  • Small Gifts


  • Gather all of the items (snacks, small gifts, card, etc.) that you want to put in your drink caddy.
  • Place filler in the bottom of the drink caddy.
  • Fill the drink caddy with snacks, beverages, small gifts, and add your card.

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