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Easy DIY Oil Can Ornament Christmas Display

I got the idea for today’s 25 days of DIY projects from my friend and customer, Denise. She sent me a picture and said, “Hey, I’m sure you have all these materials and this is cute!” It was definitely up my alley! Let’s make an oil can ornament display together!

Tools & Materials

Let’s Create!

I had some faux baseballs with these wire curls in them that hold pictures. I just pulled them off to use. They are easy to find when you are out thrifting or, if you have some wire around the home you can make your own!

If you are making your own, the biggest thing to note is that the wire has to be able to fit into the spout of the oil can. To make your own wire curl, cut a length of wire – better to have it too long than too short, you can always trim it later. Then begin twisting the wire around in a circle. To do this, you can just use your hands. If you want a guide, you could wrap your wire around a pencil or screwdriver. Depending on the thickness of the wire you choose, you might need some needle nose pliers to help shape your wire.

After you are done shaping your wire, simply stick it into the top of your oil can. Trim excess wire if needed. Now for the fun, adding the ornament! The easiest way to attach your ornament is to thread the ornament onto your wire curl. If you want it to hang down a little more, you can use wire to create a little hanger or the existing wire hanger on the ornament.

Remember that you want to get things proportional. You want the size of your ornament to look good with the size of your oil can. You don’t want an ornament that is too big or hangs down too far.

The Finished Ornament Display

This is a great way to display two collections at once, ornaments and oil cans! When you are creating a smaller vignette, consider using an odd number. Maybe you want to put three on your buffet in a grouping. Or maybe you want to show off your entire collection by lining your mantle. 

For another DIY with ornaments, check out my Glass Bulb Wreath.

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