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Effortlessly Create These Easy DIY Garden Hose Wreaths

Repurposing and finding a new life for things around my home is one of my favorite things to do. I had several garden hoses that have kinks in them. Those kinks make it super tricky when I’m trying to water my vintage truck filled with flowers. Coincidently, while on a pick, I also found some teal hose. As you know, I’m never one to let anything go to waste. So, I made these hose wreaths.

Click on the button below to watch me create these hose wreaths.

Tools and Materials

To create your own hose wreath, you’ll need the following:

How to create this simple hose wreaths

I decided to repurpose these “useless” hoses and turn them into cute wreaths. First, I cut the teal hose into multiple sections to make several wreaths. I looped it around, tied it, and then added different items to fit the garden theme. I used garden tools, garden gloves, greenery, and burlap to fit the garden theme. 

Some ideas for embellishing your hose wreath would be to add ribbon, flowers, succulents, a sprinkler nozzle, terra cotta pots, etc. What you add as embellishments will make it fit your style and decor.

I sold the first few wreaths that I made very quickly. After a while, I noticed that the hose was beginning to sag and lose its shape. So next time, I plan on using pool noodles or wire form to help them keep their shape.

Here is the finished product!

Now you can make the best of it when your garden hose is run over by the lawnmower or gets annoying with all the kinks. Honestly, these hose wreaths look great anywhere for spring and summer, on your garden shed, pool shed, front door, wherever.

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Here are a few other wreaths I have created:

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