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Elevate your Decor with Layers

Do you ever flip through magazines or scroll Pinterest and feel like everyone’s home is magazine worthy and yours isn’t? One easy to implement technique to elevate your decor is to use layers.

Layering your decor simply means to add things to a space. I think of it like adding something ON, IN, UNDER, IN FRONT, or BEHIND.

For example, let’s look at my sisters living room. My sister also has a knack for style and she also has a great source for her vintage junk...um me…but I think this might be the one corner that has the least amount of items sourced from The Junk Parlor!

How layering can elevate your decor. thejunkparlor.com

When we are talking about a room like a living room or dining room an easy place to start adding layers is with an area rug. Place the area rug UNDER the table and chairs in your dining room or UNDER the coffee table in the living room. This itself does require some skill.

You need a rug that is proportional to the space and/or items placed on top of the rug. Rug placement is also important. This can start you off on the wrong foot if you don’t get this placement correct. Placement depends on the size of the rug in relationship to the size of the furniture and room. Depending on the arrangement, the rug might need to be placed under the front feet of your sofa. Play around with this before you start adding back all of your accessories!

Other examples of layering would be the blanket draped ON the couch and the use of multiple pillows. Dressing the couch in layers is another way to elevate the look of a room.

Another place we could easily add in some layers would be to put something or multiple things under the lantern on her coffee table. By placing a cutting board, tray, mirror, etc. under the lantern, it would help anchor the lantern. I give vintage coffee table decor ideas HERE.

Try it in your space! Where can you add layers?

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