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Embellishing Breyer Horses for Christmas – Easy DIY

I wouldn’t really call this project a DIY, it is more of an embellishment project. A while ago, I picked up a huge collection of Breyer horses. A lot of them still had the box. Every time I have been open this past year, I have sold some. Oddly enough, most of the ones I have sold have been out of the box! I thought it would be fun to dress up the Breyer horses for Christmas a little bit without doing anything permanent or damaging. Keep reading to see how I embellished my Breyer horses for Christmas!

Tools & Materials

Embellish with me!

I thought making little wreaths to go around their necks would be a cute way to “Christmas them up”. I also figured it would be the easiest way to embellish them without causing any damage to the actual horse. 

3 Breyers horses that have I have embellished with a wreath collar and hat. The Junk Parlor | Old stuff & cool junk for your home | Business coach for antique dealers | thejunkparlor.com

To create my wreaths, I used an old faux evergreen pick that I had in my stash. I clipped off a sprig of the evergreen pick and held it around the horse’s neck to make sure it was long enough.  Mine wasn’t quite the right length to go all the way around the horse’s neck so I had to clip a little more off the evergreen pick and nest them together, securing with hot glue, to make a small wreath.

You could make the wreaths big enough to slip over the horse’s head if you want to make sure your hot glue sets up before putting it near the horse. I chose to hold it around the horse’s neck while gluing so it would be snug. When I glued, I was careful to use a small amount and keep it from connecting with the horse. After Christmas is over, it will be easy enough to use scissors to clip the wreaths off.

As a side note, I did attempt to use small bottle brush wreaths for this project, but unfortunately they weren’t big enough to fit over the horse’s head and down the neck.

I also had a vintage planter with greenery. These greenery picks were more flexible, and they would be easier to create a wreath with. I could also mix the two different types of greenery together to give my wreath more interest. Another great thing about some of the vintage Christmas greenery is the little red berries. Those can be easily clipped off and hot glued into place on your wreath. I am always going through my stash and seeing what I can do with what I have first! 

2 Breyers horses that have I have embellished with a red and green scarf and a wreath. The Junk Parlor | Old stuff & cool junk for your home | Business coach for antique dealers | thejunkparlor.com

If you don’t want to create wreaths you could put bows around the necks of the horses – or maybe you have some horses with wreaths and some horses with bows! I even added a little scarf to one of my horses with a little bit of fabric, ribbon would work too. You can make this project as simple or as involved as you want.

1 Breyers horse with a hat. The Junk Parlor | Old stuff & cool junk for your home | Business coach for antique dealers | thejunkparlor.com

As a finishing touch, I had some mini hats that I had picked up last year to use on snowmen. I didn’t end up using all of them and thought they could work for this project. The hats had clips on the bottom, so I removed them. To secure them on top of the horse’s head I used mounting putty or sticky tack. This doesn’t cause any damage and is reusable, a win-win!

The Finished Christmas Horses

They look nice simply displayed with some greenery, but if you had a small sleigh or wagon that would really add to the overall look! Remember, you can embellish any figurines you have around your home. Let your creativity take over. Make sure to tag me on social media @thejunkparlor with your embellishment projects! I can’t wait to see what you create!

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