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Embellishments Can Turn Anything Into a Festive Wreath

Have you ever wanted to create that holiday feeling in a space, but grown tired of using a normal wreath? I’ll show you how embellishments can turn anything into a festive wreath.

I picked three items to transform into wreaths. Two of these are things that I think everyone probably has laying around…an empty picture frame and a window. Now, the third is something unique, a horse collar, but it shows you how really anything can turn festive by adding some embellishments.

I tried to show you different embellishment options while using things I had on hand. The burlap garland I had created for an earlier 25 Days of Christmas project and pine cones created one look.

I had a bow that I hadn’t used for a different project available, so I used those colors as inspiration for using plastic Christmas bulbs.

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And, I had just returned from thrifting with these large snowflakes. I used fishing line to hang most of my embellishments. It is very handy for so many projects.

Which one do you like best?

I also used simple, every day items to embellish some Christmas gifts HERE.

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