The Junk Parlor


Please login to your account to review the order you would like to cancel. Please email thejunkparlor@gmail.com with the order number and a request to cancel the order.

Yes, I do offer combined shipping.  I take the shipping cost and round up to the whole dollar. If there is more than a $4 difference from what you paid, I will refund your cc.

Email thejunkparlor@gmail.com.  If the actual shipping is more than $5 over the estimated shipping, I will refund your credit card.  I do round up actual shipping to the whole dollar.

Staging Your Antique Shop Group

You can manage your account by logging in at the menu button and accessing your subscription (not my membership) and press cancel.

The group is a paid membership for $47.99 a month.

Video Tutorials

You can log into your Junk Parlor account by going to login at the menu and clicking my membership and looking at content. Any video purchases you have will be available here. If you made a purchase but do not the see the content, please email thejunkparlor@gmail.com with your order number.

Facebook Live

Comment sold and the item you are wanting to purchase.  Private message me your email address and zip code and I will send you an invoice.  I use Square to do this.  Simply follow the instructions on the invoice.

On The Junk Parlor page, there is a round image, a profile picture.  If there is a blue ring around it, then I should have an available story.  I try to always have an available story.  Click that and watch.  From your own newsfeed you will see a row of names and images at the top, those are the stories of anyone you follow.  You can swipe over to see more names and images, and depending on how many people you follow, you would be able to find my story this way as well.