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After the success of last years gift wrapping ideas on Pinterest, I decided to share some more ideas with you! This years gift wrapping inspiration uses kraft paper again and things that I already have on hand!

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Check out last years blog post HERE.

Watch this years gift wrapping inspiration below.

Here is what my paper looked like when I wrote out Merry Christmas. I just did it quick, with my natural handwriting. You could play around with this technique. Possibly put them closer together or write on the paper after wrapping.

I’m loving how these turned out! I also used a marker to draw trees on the paper. These boxes were long and skinny and perfect for adding a little embellishment at the top.

I had planned on using a white paint pen to decorate the packages, but all of the ones I had in my stash were either too cold from being in the barn or just dried up.

Since I had just made the Paper Stack Trees, I had all of my paper out on the table and decided to use it to make some trees. I looked at an image to get this shape.

Below you can see the different ideas I used for gift wrapping this year. Now you can take this inspiration and put your own spin on it!

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