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Gingerbread House Challenge

Have you ever decorated a gingerbread house? I honestly have not, at least not that I can remember. Every year my sister gets gingerbread house kits for her kids to decorate. This year I had her get a couple extra, so us girls could decorate them. We are both a little competitive, so this challenge could grow to be a fun tradition.

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Here are a few shots of the ones the kids made. Their kits were smaller and hadn’t been assembled.

While I have never decorated a gingerbread house, my sister has. So, she was definitely at an advantage. I also hadn’t left the couch for 4 days prior to this, so again, my sister was at an advantage. Do you get what I’m saying? She beat me THIS time, but trust me it won’t happen again.

Game on! Next year will be epic. No more winging it, I will be filling an inspiration board in Pinterest with all of my ideas. And oh my! Have you ever searched for gingerbread house ideas? It is ridiculous how amazing some of the creations are!

Team Brooke 2020.

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