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I had a TON of gold glass bulbs at the shop. I figured what better way to use them up then to make a glass bulb wreath.

A few months ago we ran to a dollar store to pick something up for one of the kids and while we were looking around I found some small wreath forms. I didn’t know how I would use them, but I know that I like small wreaths and that smaller forms are more difficult to find.

I especially like this style of form. But, for this project that style wasn’t going to work. In the past when I’ve made a glass bulb wreath, I’ve simply used a wire hanger. But, this time I thought I’d try using a form.

The last time I made a glass bulb wreath, I learned the hard way that you need to glue the tops onto the bulbs. Otherwise, the bulbs can get too much tension on them and the tops pop out of/off of the bulb. Not a good thing! So, I went and glued on the tops to various sized gold bulbs.

I do not completely trust hot glue, so I used fishing line and glue to attach my bulbs to the form. Checkout the video.

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At the top of the page is the wreath I did for practice and this is the wreath I made on the video. After the video I added the greenery and garland. To make the garland easier to work with, I cut it into smaller sections.

Have you made a glass bulb wreath? Share it with me on social media! Tag @thejunkparlor

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