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I have found some really cute items lately on my shopping trips. Here are just a few of the great finds that will be available in my shop, or in one of my Sunday Facebook live shows.

I collect vintage Christmas items all year! www.thejunkparlor.com

I collect Christmas items all year – I couldn’t resist these – I got six of each!

Vintage animal skulls add interesting dimension to home decor. thejunkparlor.com

I will be taking a toothbrush to this one in the shop – I can’t wait to see how it will tun out. Skulls add a lot of interest to home decor.

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White milk glass goes with everything! thejunkparlor.com

Now that I don’t have to transport items around to antique shows I buy more fragile items. This white milk glass pitcher is a great option to add to any decor. Milk glass is opaque or translucent glass, that can be blown or pressed into a wide variety of shapes. It was mass produced after World War II and has regained popularity in home decor.

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It's fun to find Vintage apothecary bottles from a local business. These are early 1900s. thejunkparlor.com

Apothecary bottles come in all shapes and sizes. It’s fun to find bottles with labels that have a local connection. Check out the two digit phone number – that probably dates these bottles to the nineteen-teens.

Everything looks better under a cloche. thejunkparlor.com

Everything looks better under a cloche. Cloches are glass domes that were first used in 19th century gardening to force plants, now they are popular for covering small items in home decor.

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4 thoughts on “Great Finds!”

      1. How much for the Santa mug in the picture with Mrs Claus?
        Also, I know this Mrs Claus is sold but do you have any other similar?

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