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How to Make a Button Wreath in 5 Easy Steps

I love collections and multiples of things! So, this button wreath definitely caught my eye when I was scrolling on Pinterest. This project is cute as a button, haha! Keep reading to see my take on this super easy to make button wreath!

Make a button wreath along with me:

Button Wreath Supplies

  • Buttons or Beads (Vintage is fun, but any will do!)
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue 
  • Chalk
  • Bow
  • Surface (I used a chippy plinth block, but here are some other ideas to get you started: vintage book, frame, or salvaged board)


I wanted to use vintage buttons to create my wreath. However, after having millions of buttons in my stash, when it was time to actually do this project I had NONE!  They had all sold!  I mean what are my chances!  So as soon as I realized I had sold all the buttons that were in my shop, I started hunting again! 

You know when you are actually looking for something, you can’t find that item ANYWHERE, but when you don’t need something, that item is EVERYWHERE?  Yep, that’s pretty much what happened to me.  I go from seeing buttons everywhere, to struggling to find buttons when I need them! Luckily I I ended up finding just enough to do this project!

I really wanted to use all green buttons but I didn’t find enough green buttons on my pick. So I decided to use green, teal, turquoise, and olive-colored buttons.

Backdrop for your buttons

On the sample that I saw on Pinterest, the button wreath was on a little picture frame. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to put my button wreath on at first, but I found a chippy plinth block in my stash. The plinth block was already sealed and I thought it would make a cute surface to add the buttons to.

Pencil or Chalk and Glue

To start this project, I wanted to make sure that I was able to get my buttons laid out in a circle before I started to glue them into place.. I freehanded a circle using chalk directly onto my plinth block. The great thing about chalk is that it wipes off easily, so if you mess up, no problem!  And if the chalk line doesn’t get covered up with buttons, you can easily brush it off!

If you don’t want to freehand it, you could trace around something. A can, a jar, or a lid would all be easy options for something to trace around to make a perfect circle.

Steps for Making a Button Wreath

Step 1 – Create a guide by making a circle

After creating my guide, I laid out all my buttons the way I wanted them on my wreath. This step was important for me since I am using a variety of shapes and colors. Laying out my project beforehand helped make sure that the sizes and colors of buttons throughout the wreath were balanced.

As you will see in my video, the circle was just a guide. I staggered my buttons around the circle to get the layout I wanted. You will want to lay out your buttons, varying sizes, and colors until the wreath looks full and circular.

Step 2 – Practice your layout

I started by spreading out my larger green buttons first that were all the same style. Then layered in small buttons from there spreading out the styles and colors around the wreath. It might not always look like a perfect circle, because of the different sizes and overlap of the buttons. I continued to add buttons until my wreath felt done. To me, that meant that it looked like a circle and my button colors and sizes were spaced evenly around the wreath.

Step 3 – Glue

Once everything was laid out, it was time to grab the hot glue gun! A note about hot glue -If your project is stored somewhere where the temp fluctuates a lot, your hot glued items can pop off. So, if you store holiday items in the attic or a non temperature controlled storage shed, you might keep it in a bag so that you can reattach buttons as needed!  The bag keeps you from having to locate replacement buttons!

If you want to avoid this, you can use E6000 glue instead. The only drawback to E6000 glue is that it takes longer for the glue to set up.  That’s the only reason I don’t always use it, because when I make a video I need it to set up quickly.

Back to hot gluing, you might want to be conscious about how you glue. If you put a dot of glue in the middle of the button, it will pop through the buttonholes. If that bothers you, you will want to make sure you put the glue around the edges of the button instead of in the center, or simply use a little less glue.

If your button has a tip on the bottom, make sure you nestle it in between other buttons and use plenty of glue. Any mistakes you make while hot gluing can easily be fixed. Just pop the button off, peel off the glue, and try again!

Step 4 – Embellish

I added a bow to polish my wreath off. If you wanted, you could add tiny red beads around the wreath to act as berries.  HERE are some other button wreaths to use for inspiration and ideas for embellishing!

This is another DIY project that has so many different possibilities. You could arrange your buttons in the shape of a Christmas tree or star. If you wanted something to keep out all winter, a snowman would be super cute too!

If you don’t have buttons, you could use beads, vintage jewelry, scrabble tiles, or even keys to create your wreath. Another cute idea would be to make your wreath on a vintage hardback book cover. That would make it easy to stand up and display.

Need a visual? Watch this quick video tutorial!

Button Wreath Craft

How to make a button wreath.
Prep Time15 minutes
Active Time15 minutes
Course: Craft


  • 50 Buttons or Beads (vintage is fun, but any will do) the amount will depend on the size of your circle and how many layers you stack
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue E600 could also be used
  • Chalk or Pencil
  • Bow or other Embellishment
  • Backdrop for Wreath plinth block, book, frame, or salvaged board


  • Pick out the surface you want to glue your buttons to
  • Trace or freehand a circle onto your surface with chalk
  • Layout your buttons using the circle as a guide until your wreath feels full
  • Glue down the buttons
  • Embellish with a bow
  • Display!

I hope you’ll join me for more of my 25 days of DIY projects leading up to Christmas! I am going live on my Facebook every day with a new DIY!

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