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How to Make a Super Simple Garland Wreath

Let’s make a wreath out of garland together! I wanted to use up items I already had. I am big on using what I already have! You don’t want to just keep buying stuff and only using part of it! I want to USE STUFF UP! Maybe you have some of these things around your home too!

This wreath is a super easy project to do with your kids or grandkids. Something fun to make and give as a gift too! Keep reading to see how I made mine!

To make this wreath along with me, watch the live video:


  • Tinsel garland
  • Wreath form
  • Fishing wire/ribbon/twine
  • Mini clothespins

Tinsel Garland

I had a bunch of this tinsel-type garland, this is newer stuff. I probably got it in a box at an auction. Some of the pieces are short and some of the pieces are long. I knew I wanted to do something with it!

Another idea for tinsel that I might use one of these days – take a tomato cage and put it upside down, so the side you would stab into the ground is up in the air like the point on a tree, and then wrap it with tinsel! 

Wreath Form

I probably have about six different wreath forms in six different styles hanging up in my shop. You never know when you are going to need one! When you live in a small town you can’t pick one up just anywhere, so I try to keep them on hand. The one I am using for this project is probably 16 or 18 inches, a medium size. I picked this size because I liked it and I felt like I had enough tinsel for it.

Wreath forms are great . . . you can make a wreath from anything!! You can wrap a variety of materials around them to easily and quickly create a wreath. For this project, I don’t want to just wrap it. I had the idea to make it so you could also display Christmas cards or photos. It will be easy to add string/fishing line/ribbon so you can take clothes pins and display cards or photos. 


I like to use fishing line for projects like this because you can’t really see it. You could use twine, but it doesn’t really go with this tinsel very well. I also had some colored burlap ribbon leftover from other projects that I thought looked pretty with the tinsel. It just depends on what you have in your stash and whether or not you want it to be noticeable. I chose to go with the fishing line since it won’t be very noticeable.

Garland Wreath Process

To attach the fishing line I am not doing anything complicated, just tying the fishing line on the inside edge then taking it over to the other side and tying it. Make sure you get your line tight, when you do the knots they can stretch over time as it is holding items up. You don’t want your line to sag! You might want to secure your knots with hot glue

I am going to do three rows of fishing line to hang items from. The fishing line works great for discreetly hanging all kinds of items, that is why I love it! Think vintage tools, signs, etc.

Wrapping the Wreath

I am not going to glue or wire the garland down. I am just going to weave in and out of the wires on the wreath form. To start, I tied it on, and then started wrapping it around and around the form. Push the garland up tightly against the layers to keep the wreath frame disguised. If you want to secure the points where your tinsel is tied to the wreath form further, a dab of hot glue would do the trick!

Finishing Touches

When you are done you can add photos and cards to the fishing line with mini clothespins! You could also clip them around the sides of the wreath. If you don’t have mini clothespins, you could also hang them sideways over the fishing line.

You might want to dress up your wreath a little bit, to do that, you could add a bow. If you want something else try little plastic reindeer, ornaments, and bottle brush trees as bow alternatives!

Ideas for Displaying the Garland Wreath

This could be used inside or outside. This wreath would be good in your window because it looks good on both sides! 

If you skipped the fishing line, you could use this as a centerpiece and then put things inside of it, maybe a crate as a riser or a cake stand, and do a little holiday vignette. The wreath will add texture and color. 

Tinsel Garland Wreath

Total Time30 minutes
Course: Craft
Cost: $20


  • Tinsel garland
  • Wreath form
  • Fishing wire/ribbon/twine
  • Mini clothespins


  • Tie fishing line/ribbon/twine across the inside of the wreath form to create a place to hang cards or photos.
  • Wrap the wreath form with tinsel garland, gently securing it with a small knot or glue.
  • Clip-on cards or photos.

I hope you keep tuning into my 25 Days of DIY series! I am going live on Facebook every day with a new DIY. Tune in to see what I am up to!

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