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I’m blown away by how much you guys have enjoyed my tutorial on jar lid pumpkins! Now you can take those pumpkins and use them for Christmas by making a jar lid snowman.

The Base

I had a couple jar lid pumpkins left at the shop so I decided to start with those. Luckily I could stack them to make the bottom sections of my snowman. I was also lucky that I still had a stash of jar lids. The remaining jar lids I had were a little smaller than my leftover pumpkins and ended up working out perfectly. If you need some jar lids, go HERE.

I created another ring of jar lids using the same technique as used for the pumpkins. Then, I attached the three together using hot glue. To create a snowman, we needed to add some embellishment. I found a hat like this at Walmart. It was the perfect proportion.

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After trying out a few things for the eyes and nose, I ended up with magnets and an orange crayon. You can actually buy mini carrots for a nose HERE.

I got some branches from my leftovers from my winter planter and truck decor to use as arms.

Ideally my scarf would match my hat, but I wanted to use items I had on hand. I ended up trimming burlap to become a scarf and I glued it in place to give some waves to the end pieces.

Your Turn

There are lots of options to put your own spin on this jar lid snowman. I’d love to see what you come up with!

All of these 25 Days of Christmas projects will make you hungry, so you’d better go try out the Best Ever Peanut Butter Cookies. They are really easy to make and super soft and delicious!

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