How To Sell on Facebook Live

for Antique Dealers

Does this sound familiar? You want to sell more products without investing in a complicated e-commerce website. You don’t have time to learn a new platform that isn’t going to help you reach your goal. You aren’t sure how to sell on Facebook and feel overwhelmed by the details. 

Imagine if you had all the information and confidence to sell LIVE. Imagine engaging customers on a weekly basis. Imagine doubling your sales with a new revenue stream. All of that is possible with The Junk Parlor’s Guide to Selling on Facebook LIVE!

This tutorial is valued at $217.95. For a limited time, however, I’m offering it to you for the price of $97.99!

What You'll Receive

    • 14 pre-recorded video lessons – watch and re-watch at your leisure! 
    • Step-by-step instructions from planning your LIVE sale to setting your packages out for pick-up
    • How to ship and calculate shipping
    • Bonus #1: Facebook LIVE Script Template (valued at $29.99)
    • Bonus #2: Step-by-Step Guide to Going LIVE (valued at $29.99)
    • Bonus #3: Sales Tracking Sheet (valued at $29.99)
    • Bonus #4: Equipment List (valued at $29.99)

What you'll Learn


How to choose a LIVE schedule that works for you and your audience


What to say, how to act, how to go LIVE and more!


How to calculate shipping & apps you can use for discounted shipping costs


How to effectively create and track invoices

What Other
Antique Dealers say

Esther Maries

“Taking Brookes FB’s live course gave me all the knowledge and confidence needed to jump right into selling! Brooke does a wonderful job explaining things and was very helpful with answering questions. If you’re wanting to sell on FB I highly recommend this course.”

Heather Pekarek

The Pickin Patch

“Brooke’s video has helped me get the confidence I needed to launch my FB Monday LIVES. She shares her knowledge in each part of a LIVE from set up to invoicing and shipping. I’m so glad I decided to go LIVE! She told me to make it happen and I did!!”

Karen Reavis

Hi, I'm Brooke!

Though my background is in education, I have been rearranging and creating vignettes since high school! It all started with constantly flipping my bedroom, and now I’m constantly flipping my shop. I have sold in booths, antique malls, hosted barn sales, set up at antique shows and own my own brick and mortar. In 2020 I shifted my focus to selling online and opening my shop by appointment. I have successfully increased my sales every year, even with the pandemic. My ultimate goal is to share my knowledge with other antique dealers, so that they can take the path to success and profitability faster.

Brooke Johnson

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