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Let’s Decorate Easter Eggs With Doilies

Doily covered Easter egg

I have so many plain plastic Easter eggs!! Some of my plastic eggs I accumulated at an auction, while others I collected during my time as a teacher. Since they’ve been sitting around for so long, I decided to brainstorm a cheap and easy project using them. But, how could I decorate the Easter eggs?

I wanted to come up with an idea that didn’t require buying a lot of new products. I decided to use several old crocheted dollies and other pieces I had lying around. Now these crocheted pieces are nice. But, they are sleeves. I’m not really sure what they are officially called, but they would have been the tops of an old dress. The collar section and the top of a sleeve. Anyway they were nice, but they weren’t selling, so I decided to repurpose them.

Click on the button below to watch me create these doilies eggs.

Tools and Materials

To create these doilies eggs, you’ll need:

How to create these cute doilies easter eggs

The goal was to glue the dollies on top of the eggs. The first step is cutting a section of the doily to wrap around the egg. Next, you glue it down on one side at the seam, wrap it, and then glue it at the other seam to line up. Once that’s done, you can focus on each end of the egg, cutting a slit in the doily to let it curve around without making puckers on the end of the egg.

Then you’re going to stick it down with some glue, either E6000 glue or hot glue. I chose to use hot glue because it sets quickly. The color of the egg does show through the crocheted pattern, so one option is to spray paint your eggs. Personally, I love the look of the bright colors of the eggs popping through.

Here is the finished product!

I think it looks really great, I just love the idea of combining something newer like the plastic eggs with something older like the crocheted doilies, and I especially love the result. It turned out to be a great repurposing project!

Plastic Easter eggs, one covered with doilies

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Plastic easter egg covered with doilies

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