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Let’s visit my Favorite Flea Market Shops in Des Moines

Let’s visit some Flea Market Shops in Des Moines, Iowa! Anytime I head to Des Moines for an appointment or just to spend the day in Des Moines junkin’, is a good day. Sometimes it’s nice to get out of the house for some retail therapy!

Flea Market Shop Favorites

I definitely have my favorite places to visit when I’m in Des Moines, so depending on how much time I have to shop that day determines where I go. On this day I ended up visiting 4 places! Now, this was a Monday and 2 of my favorite places are closed on Monday! So, I need to remember to never schedule Monday appointments! If I’m going to be driving 3+ hours then I want to go to my favorites!

If you want to know my favorite flea market shops in Des Moines, find them HERE.

If you want to know my favorite thrift stores in Des Moines, find that list HERE.

Speed Shopping the Flea

I am also a speed shopper when I thrift or go to antique stores. If it doesn’t catch my eye as I scan the area, then it must not have been something I really need! I am a box digger though, and like to comb over every nook and cranny when I go pickin’. What’s the difference? Pickin’ is when you go to someone’s private home to search for junk. Junkin’ to me is a combination of everything thrifting, flea markets, garage sales, visiting antique shops, etc.

Why am I fast? A couple reasons… 1. normally my kids or husband are with me and they normally sit in the car and play on their phones. So, I have to be quick so they don’t get even more annoyed with me than they already are. 2. I want to hit as many places as I can since it’s quite a road trip. You can quickly get a feel for what is in a booth and know if they are going to have something you like. If I find something I like, then I will spend more time in that booth. 3. Because I frequent these places, I have a good idea of what booths I love and can spend more time in. If I have never in 10 years found something in a booth, then I can speed through that one very quickly.

Trust Your Gut When at the Flea Market

Sometimes I pick up some random items, but for whatever reason those items call to me. Over the years I have definitely learned to trust my gut. If I like it, chances are someone else will like it too! So, don’t over think it! Buy what speaks to you.

What you do want to think about is if you are buying for resell is the price. You might find an awesome piece that speaks to you, but if there isn’t a good profit margin, then you just need to walk away. The key to making a living as a reseller is to make a profit! Ever heard of success is in the buying?

Now if you don’t resell then, price doesn’t matter as much. If you are on a budget, then of course you have to pick and choose what to spend your money on, but if you love something, buy it! You will find a spot for it! We want to fill our home with pieces we love.

What are your local favorite flea market shops? Tell me below!

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