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Did you know the Amish moved our house to its current location?  We then gutted it, leaving the good stuff…floors, trim, the basic floor plan.  But, we have new plumbing, electrical and drywall instead of plaster!  It’s basically a new house with tons of character.  That was over 10 years ago and I really hadn’t changed the decor since we moved in.  We’ve swapped some furniture here and there, but no painting or major decor overhauls.  So, we started with the bathroom.

Owning my own shop has been a great outlet for my desire to move everything around and change my decor.  But, I decided it was time, I was ready for a new look.

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Now I can remember our decor growing up.  Most things stayed the same, but mom did regularly completely overhaul our living room.  I grew up on a dairy farm, so a lot of our decor was dairy cows and that light blue country look!  I decided for this decor swap I wanted to stay pretty neutral.  I also ultimately chose the main bathroom as a starting point, because I had a vision and it would be a quick project to finish, yet make a big impact.


My friend Dori with Junk Refunkery bought some chippy wood barn boards from me for her new house.  I was in love with the wall that she did in her living room, so the next shed I tore down I decided to do something similar.  I wanted to do a small space with the chippy boards because to me that is the statement and I really thought I’d have a hard time hanging anything on top of them.  By putting them in a small space I wouldn’t need to have to hang anything on them!  Now I saved the boards for a LONG time!

Next a neighbor was tearing down an old barn and I knew the guy tearing it down.  Guess what I got?  3 little barn doors/window coverings.  The chippiness was a perfect match for my boards and I knew what I was going to do!  I started by painting the walls grey and the trim white.  This bathroom had been reworked in the move, so the trim was not original.  I tried to stain it too match, but was never really happy with it!  I would never paint the original trim in my house, but I do like the look of white trim, so I thought this was the perfect place to do it.

After painting, we hung the boards on the main wall.  I had already sealed them with Polyacrylic.  See why I used Polyacrylic HERE.  I also sealed the mini barn door and hung it above my toilet with a wreath from Hobby Lobby.  The mirror we had been using had a dark brown iron edge and I knew that when I removed it to paint, it would not be getting hung back up.  I have a lot of old scrap mirrors in my barn, so I cut one down to fit over the sink.  We already had the vanity for a dresser in there and I wanted to repeat the dark wood tones somewhere else in the room.  I decided on a vintage chair hung on the wall as my towel bar.  The towel hung easily and I could stack extra towels in the seat.  I already had a toilet paper holder with a dark bronze finish that matched the light, so I added a dark brown pump to a vintage Atlas Jar for our soap dispenser.  I love it because it holds so much soap!  With 5 people at home, all of whom use this restroom regularly, we would go through a lot of soap!  We also added a bronze flush to the toilet, but that was because the handle broke!

It all pulled together and I love it!  This was the first room in our house refresh…what do you think came next?

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  2. Brooke love all your home decor ides from here and laundry room etc ! So inspirational and lovely ideas for everyone who loves this type of decor ! Your website is beautiful and I adore your shop video too its so much fun , I want everything in there! I can watch it over and over and discover new items, actually I will msg u about some things I saw that you may still have!

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