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I often reference Facebook features in my captions and videos, but oftentimes followers don’t know how to utilize those features.  To help you with that I’m putting together some helpful tips for navigating Facebook.

The first tip is to turn your notifications on.  What you see in your Facebook feed is all about algorithms.  This means that a post gets ranked and your love for that person or business gets assumed.  If the post has a low ranking and Facebook doesn’t think you want to see it, then it doesn’t show it to you.

Go to my Facebook page.  Scroll.  How many of those posts have shown up in your news feed?

There are a few things you can do so that you don’t miss what I post.  

One way is simply to click like every time you do see a post and take a moment to comment on the post.  The more you interact with an account, whether it is a business account like The Junk Parlor or an account of a friend, the more that account will show up in your feed. Facebook is gauging your interest in something with how you engage in that accounts posts.  Another way to do that is to share their post. So, by liking, commenting and sharing posts, that account is more likely to show up in your feed.

Another way you can stay up to date on posts is to turn on notifications.  In this video I show you how to turn post notifications on.

In this video I show you how to turn LIVE video notifications on.  I go LIVE every Sunday night at 7pm CST and then again at noon for a Lunch Break Sale, one day during the week.  You might know this, but it is always helpful to have a message pop up to remind you that I am LIVE. There are also times I go LIVE that you won’t have prior knowledge of, but you still might not want to miss it.  Watch this to turn your video notifications on.


A lot of businesses will ask you to tag their business or check-in.  A check-in is helpful to the business because then it shows that you visited their brick and mortar.  A tag is important as well because then the business knows that you were talking about them on social media. Watch this video to learn how to tag and check-in a business.


Facebook and Instagram stories are little videos that are only available for viewing for 24 hours.  These little videos are easy to flip through if you do not want to watch the whole video because they are broken down into 15 second segments.  I use stories to share behind the scenes things of my business. I also post to my stories after each LIVE sale. That way someone doesn’t have to watch a 45 minute video, but can flip through quickly to see what items are still available.

Watch this video to see how to find stories…


My shop is an occasional shop.  That means that I am only occasionally open.  To help my followers be aware of my schedule and the days my shop will be open, I create events on my Facebook page.  I can share details and photos about the event in this event section. I often hear that people can’t figure out what I’m talking about!  

Watch this video to see where to find the event tab and utilize the information found in an event.

I hope you find all of this information helpful and it arms you with the ability to navigate Facebook more effectively!  Let me know if there is something I’ve missed. I’d be happy to help!

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