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I’m always looking for Christmas tree alternatives. While scrolling on Pinterest I saw a paper stack tree. This one was made from book pages that had been cut out with a decorative edge. I thought this would make the perfect project for my 25 Days of Christmas series.

Years ago I spent a lot of time and money scrapbooking and thankfully I hadn’t given up all of my supplies. I grabbed some green paper in different shades, my decorative scissors, and my paper cutter.

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In the shop I had two receipt holders that I thought would make perfect bases for my tree because I wouldn’t have to make anything. You could use a wood skewer if you didn’t have receipt holders available.

In the kids craft stash I found a couple yellow star stickers that were the right proportion for this project.

You can also watch me do this project on Hello Iowa with Megan Reuther! Watch it HERE.

I used about 10 pieces of paper of each size to create my tree. If your paper starts to slide lower than you want, you can always add a dollop of glue to hold it into place.

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