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Picking New Chairs For The Front Porch

Picking porch chairs was my first decor decision for our new house in Ankeny, Iowa! I’m so happy with our selection!

The new house is SO different from our old house. As I write this, we’ve been here a month and a half. When we moved I had sold everything that I had on our front porch and deck so that I could get something new for the new house! I had seen these front porch chairs on my friend’s Instagram account and had always loved them. I almost purchased them for the old house, but talked myself out of it and decided to wait another season. The good thing about that is that we ended up moving. Ordering them once we moved meant that WE didn’t have to haul them!

There were a few things that attracted me to these chairs. Of course I loved the way they looked! But, I also loved that they swiveled AND rocked. If you’ve been following me for very long then you know that I like to keep busy and have a hard time sitting down. However, one of the things that helps with sitting down is being able to fidget! That’s why I’m so glad these outdoor chairs both rock and swivel! Definitely a positive for my disposition!

Another feature I really liked about these outdoor rocking chairs was that they come with a cover! Our new home is much smaller, the yard is smaller and we have A LOT less storage. Even if we had ample storage, let’s be honest, there is a strong likelihood that I wouldn’t bring the chairs inside over the winter months. And now, I don’t have too! I can simply cover them up and leave them on the front porch.

You can take a tour of our old house HERE and the new house HERE. That will give you an idea of how different the two homes are!!

Assembling the Porch Chairs

Hubby took over the assembly duties while I took some video and photos! There was a booklet with all of the assembly directions and all of the screws, washers and tools were sectioned off on a card. In addition to taking photos I also located the pieces and helped line them up. This could be assembled with one person, but two makes it go much smoother and quicker!

The chairs were scheduled to be delivered on a Monday, but SURPRISE they arrived on Thursday! Don’t get me wrong I love when things arrive early, BUT this time we were out of town! We spent our first night at the new house on Thursday and then the next Thursday we went out of town for a long weekend. You can get a video tour after that first week HERE.

We were out of town because hubby’s dad had passed away during Covid, but we weren’t able to have a “normal” funeral service, so we were away for a long weekend celebrating his life.

Luckily in our first seven days in the new house I had met and exchanged cell numbers with a neighbor. Remember how those chairs arrived early? I didn’t really want them sitting out tempting thieves­čśé all weekend or letting everyone know we were gone. I’m very thankful that Walmart sends you a text message and email telling you your item has arrived because then I was able to message my new neighbor and ask her ever so nicely to move the new chairs into the garage! I was also thankful that I could tell her where the dolly was located in the garage as well! Type A personality for the win! Both chairs came in one box on a pallet! I think it was hard enough to move the chairs into the garage with the dolly, let alone if they didn’t have one to use!

So, when we got home, we worked on putting the chairs together. The directions were so easy to follow! Which, if you have assembled furniture before, that is not always the case! Now even though the directions were very clear and easy to follow, we did use the wrong screws 3 different times! I’m not really sure how hubby managed to do it on 3 different steps, but… So be sure to read what screw to use, don’t just look at the pictures to see what pieces go together and then just grab any screw.

Once the chairs were assembled, we moved them to the front porch. We haven’t used them every single day, but close! I absolutely love them and am so glad I pulled the trigger and made the purchase!

Where to Buy the Outdoor Chairs

The chairs come in a set of 2 and are ordered online HERE. Be ready for them to arrive earlier than originally scheduled­čśü.

This post may contain affiliate links for the products I use and recommend. I am not paid to promote these products. If you purchase using my affiliate links, I could make a small commission at no charge to you.

In this picture compared to the first picture on this post, you might also notice that I changed up our bench. You can read all about that HERE.

Watch Me Decorate With Vintage Goodies

Styling the Porch Chairs

I love that the porch chairs are neutral and by adding different colored pillows I can easily change the look of our front porch! If you like these burnt orange lumbar pillows, we purchased the covers HERE. Ordering covers in different colors for these pillow inserts seems like a great option! Covers can be washed and stored during the seasons they aren’t used and they take up a lot less space than actual pillows!

Switching out the rest of the decor on the porch will also change the look of the chairs. Since we are currently heading into fall, I have pulled out my crocks and pumpkins. I would like to add a throw and am currently on the look for some table to go between the chairs. Right now I am using a nail keg turned upside down, but that doesn’t offer much room for coffee mugs!

Decorating is always a work in progress and I look forward to adding to the porch and changing things up seasonally!

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