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Picking New Counter Stools

In our new house we have an island and we needed to select new stools for it. Below I share my process for picking counter stools.

First off, picking new counter stools for me was SO easy because my sister had already done all of the work. She recently bought a new house and renovated a lot of the main floor, focusing a lot of attention on the kitchen. She added an island during her kitchen remodel and had purchased these counter stools for it and also for a nearby table.

Over Christmas, we spent time at her house and the whole family absolutely loved how comfortable the chairs were! When I was trying to pick counter stools I could find a lot of stools that looked like these, but I kept coming back to the comfort factor. Not only did I want them to look good, but I wanted them to feel good too.

So, what did I do? I asked my sister to share the specific counter stools that she had purchased so I could get the same ones. That way there was no doubt that they would be comfortable! I found them online and since we recently had moved to the big city we could just do store pickup!


We had them, and then they sat in the garage…


When I purchased the stools, we were in the middle of moving items out of the garage and into their new place in our home. Read all about our unpacking technique HERE. It did take us a few days before we got to tackle the assembly of the counter stools and get them situated into their new home! But at some point hubby tackled the assembly, which went very smoothly, while I tackled some other project around the house.

I was probably sorting and organizing something because it seemed like all of the unpacking was left to me, so that I could find everything homes in the new house!

The previous owners only had two counter stools at the island, but I decided to measure and thought the space could easily handle 3 stools. Pictured below is the same shot of their stools and ours. I think both look like a good fit. There were only 2 of them living here and we have 5 living here, so I wanted a few extra spots for people to sit.

Watch My Counter Stool Video


My sister loves these stools, I love these stools, so I knew you guys would love them too! Here is feed back from a few people that purchased them!

Click HERE to purchase the Stools


I don’t know about you but ,we spend a lot of time in the kitchen! Possibly even more time now that our whole main floor is wide open! Having extra seating not only for meals, but to chat while someone else is cooking, or even to work, is so convenient! And since it’s super comfortable you can stay there forever!

One of the features that makes them super comfortable is that they have backs. I don’t always lean back when eating, but when talking and working, I definitely like to shift positions. These backs are tall enough they are comfortable and low, so they don’t obstruct the clean sight lines.

We do have hardwood floors in the kitchen. There are plastic/rubber pieces in each corner of the metal bar stool legs, but that didn’t seem gentle enough to me for our hardwood floors. So, I did add felt bottoms like THESE, to help keep our floors protected. The “internet” says scootability is an important consideration when picking stools. Even without the little felt pads I added, the stools move easily.

Another great feature is that they are leather and easy to clean! My kids are teenagers, but they still manage to make messes . Anything that is easy to clean by simply wiping it off is a great feature!

Counter Stools or Bar Stools

I did have one friend need these stools as bar stools and they don’t come that height. You might be wondering what is the difference? Counter stools are for seating at places that are countertop height. That height varies by a few inches, but it’s still a stand height and stand counter stools will fit. Bar stools on the other hand are for taller counters. In our old house the island was two levels. The normal counter top height and then a taller bar section. Those taller counters require a bar stool and again those are going to come in varying heights.

So sadly if you have a bar, you will not be able to get these stools. However, as you can see in one customers photo above, the counter stools do come as regular height, aka chairs. 😉

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