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Planting the Truck for Spring & Summer

I have a vintage truck in my yard that I love to decorate! Join me in planting the truck for spring and summer. In this post, I am going to share my process for planting it and getting it all ready for the season.

Watch me plant the truck:

Supplies for Planting the Truck


In the bed of my truck, I have two flower boxes. They are on either side of the truck bed, and they are made out of wood. I have one that sits a little lower in the truck bed. I put this on the side that faces the road, I call that side of my truck the front. The planter that I have on the back side of the truck, or the side that faces my house, actually sits up a little taller. Both sides of the truck are visible as you drive past, so I want to plant the back side as well for that reason. However, I figured putting the flower box that sits slightly higher in the back would create a stair-step-like effect and make the flowers that are planted along the back side even more visible!


To plant my truck, I buy a bunch of hanging baskets. I do this because, first of all, trying to fill both sides of the bed of my truck with flowers requires a lot of flowers! Secondly, hanging baskets are typically super full, and already have flowers starting to trail and spill out the sides! Which is exactly the look I want. I love the look of the flowers trailing down the sides of the truck!

Here are some types of flowers or plants to look for to achieve a trailing effect:

  • Petunia
  • Sweet Alyssum
  • Sweet Potato Vine
  • Lobelia
  • Creeping Jenny
  • Verbena

Obviously, there are tons of other options for plants out there, those are just a few ideas to get you started!

Planting the Truck

I start by making sure that I alternate colors of plants along each side of the truck bed. Additionally, I like to make sure that the front and the back are different since it is visible from either direction. I keep my dirt from year to year and add new potting soil when necessary. To plant the truck, I take the plant out of the hanging basket and put it in the planter box, adding more dirt as I go.

After I have all the plants in, I add small wire garden fence pieces behind each bunch of flowers. These little fence pieces help prop the flowers up and encourage the flowers to spill over the sides of the truck instead of into the bed of the truck.

I finished it off by adding old garden tools. Some have broken handles and can be shoved in the dirt, and others I just prop up in the bed of the truck.

I mentioned earlier that I love to decorate my truck for all seasons, see my truck decorated for the holidays HERE!

What if I don’t have a truck?

I know, not everyone has a vintage truck or a yard big enough for a truck! But, you can still achieve a similar look using other things! On a smaller scale, think about using a wagon, a wheelbarrow, a clawfoot bathtub, a cast iron cauldron, a washtub on a stand, or a water trough. You could even just add old garden tools to your flower beds, I’m sure you probably have some of those laying around in your garage. I know I do!

There are so many awesome vintage or antique items out there that could be repurposed to decorate and add personality to your yard. Take this as your sign to go junkin’!

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