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Private Picks – My Trip to Missouri to Gather Junk

I bundled up & and went for a pick in Missouri today! I get asked where I find stuff for my store, and these days I source most items for my shop on private picks. People will call me and invite me to go through their stuff because they are needing money, a family member has passed away, they are moving and want to downsize, their tastes have changed and they want to get rid of their old collections for new ones, the list goes on!

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Private Picks

Private picks are great for me because I like to buy in bulk. Being able to get a lot of things at one stop is convenient, and it helps me have plenty of things available for my weekly live sales on Facebook. My Facebook sales are Sundays at 7 pm CST and Tuesdays at 12 pm CST. Please note that this has changed since moving to Ankeny! Click HERE to get my emails so you stay current on how to purchase vintage goodies with me!

Since I love buying in bulk, and mainly buy smalls, my truck is often loaded down. I love having all sizes of totes to take with me to fill up for the shop! Whatever doesn’t fit in my back seat has to go in the bed of my truck, so I usually have a bunch of totes with me like these. The totes help keep everything safe from the weather.

While the totes work well, my next business purchase will be this cover for the bed of my truck. That way I won’t have to worry as much about keeping track of tote lids and straps every time I go pickin’!

Of course there are times I will take an enclosed trailer, but that isn’t always fun to drive in tight spaces! And I’m not sure about you, but it seems like if I take my trailer than I don’t need it!!

If you enjoy seeing what I find, check out this blog post for more!

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2 thoughts on “Private Picks – My Trip to Missouri to Gather Junk”

  1. Jacqueline Fancher

    I have a few antiques for sale. I’m not interested in setting up a business, I just would like to clean out my attic.

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