Ceramic Pot Unique Shape Washed Blue Glaze Vintage CEBURN


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This tea/coffee pot has been sculpted by hand, it can be used as a decorative vase. It has a wide mouth ideal for a lush floral bouquets. This could also be used for its original design as a coffee/tea pot. It is water tight with no chips or cracks. This beautiful piece has a very unique glaze with a glossy blue-gray hue. The lower part of the handle has three decorative star embellishments. On the inside it has 4 vent holes to make it easier to pour. Measurements for this pot are, 10 1/2 from handle to spout, 6 1/2″ tall, 5 1/2″ around. This is a wonderful piece and would make a great item to add to any ceramic collection or display.

Weight 41.1 oz
Dimensions 10.50 × 6.50 × 5.50 in


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