Staging Your Antique Shop – Monthly

$47.99 / month

Do you own an antique shop and want to make more sales? Learn with me on how to create eye-catching displays that are sure to please and convert to sales. I have been rearranging and creating vignettes since high school!  It all started with constantly flipping my bedroom and now I’m constantly flipping my shop.  I have sold in booths, antique malls, hosted barn sales, set up at antique shows and now I own my own brick and mortar.  It’s an incredible feeling to receive so many compliments for my displays which is why I want to help you by passing along my extensive knowledge and experience to you. Great displays can translate into great sales, and as small business owners, that is our ultimate goal. If you are looking to enhance your antique shop, ready to have your hard work generate more sales, and improve your skills as an antique dealer then sign up for my Staging your Antique Shop!

Member Testimonials

Brooke shows you how. She takes you step by step through her process and as a result your own exhibits begin to look better, your own displays begin to draw in customers and your business improves as a result. So I can't recommend Brooke and her group highly enough.
KD Collected
I had no idea about business coaches for small businesses either, then I luckily stumbled upon your site one day - thank goodness! I have learned so much from your group. You don’t know what you don’t know until someone shows you.
Thanks Brooke!
Fairlamb Lavender Farm
This is some seriously good stuff here. I love being part of Brooke’s Staging Your Antique Shop Group. Every month I'm getting solid information which is really helpful to me in growing my business. I would have never done a Facebook live or Instagram story without her pushing & sometimes that's what it takes. I feel like I've got a good business coach there whom I can reach out to with any questions.
Festoons & Filigree