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Quick and Easy DIY Window Projects

A cute window DIY tutorial using old window frames. Learn more on thejunkparlor.com

I have a crazy amount of windows, mostly single pane, and they are all really dirty. I needed to come up with some quick and easy DIY window projects so I could get the windows out of my barn and into my shop.

Maps make cool display pieces when they are mounted inside an old window frame. Learn how with and easy DIY tutorial on thejunkparlor.com

Cleaning the Windows

Before you get started on the DIY window projects, you need to clean up the frames. First, I cleaned up six or seven windows. I used a scraper to scrape off the loose paint. I wasn’t worried about the lead paint contaminating anything, so I did not seal them.

Using the Window as a Frame

From my scrap-booking days, I have clear corner picture mount pieces. I thought these would be an easy way to mount a map onto the window. After I made this live video tutorial, I discovered that the maps are bigger than a letter sheet of paper. The paper is also thin because they’re vintage. I would only recommend using the corner pieces to mount images if your paper is smaller and\or thicker. Or, try using card stock behind it for stability.

Use spray adhesive to mount vintage blueprints in an old window frame. An easy DIY project from thejunkparlor.com

Adhering Paper to your Window

What else can you use for an easy DIY window project? Another option I used in the video was spray adhesive. This time I mounted an old blue print.

Read the directions and test your spray bottle. You want to make sure the adhesive is spraying evenly. If you spray and it gunks up on the glass, use your finger to spread it out. If it’s really bad, just stop, clean the window and start again. I used Windex and a rag, and the adhesive came off easily. Don’t worry about ruining the window, it will clean up fine.

I recommend spraying the adhesive onto the item, especially if there is a lot of glass showing. Otherwise, the adhesive is going to be speckled on the glass, and dirt is going to stick. Practice with something small that has some weight. I was able to peel off the blueprint and reposition it multiple times. Doing this repeatedly, however, will cause damage. The adhesive is forgiving depending on what material you are working with. If this is a sentimental piece, I would be very conscientious of your skills. Try to get it mounted onto the window evenly without needing to reposition.

Get the supplies!

Painting on your Window

Stencil hearts for an easy DIY window project. thejunkparlor.com

For my third DIY window project, I copied a poster idea I saw on Instagram. Six hearts painted in black paint on a white piece of paper. It had boards on the top and bottom, and twine to hang. It instantly gave me the idea to do that on a window. I started by calculating and measuring to figure out spacing to do nine hearts on a window evenly.

Using a ruler and an expo marker, I made little tick marks to space the hearts. I wrote these marks on the front side of the glass. When you’re looking at your windows, determine what is your front, and how you’re going to position your window. Most window frames are going to be different on each side. Figure out if you want the window hanging vertically or horizontally, and which side you’re going to want to show.

On the front side, I used black acrylic paint and practiced painting hearts on cardboard. I also used that Expo marker to draw hearts onto the window directly, so they would be uniform in shape. This Expo marker was going to be my stencil. I flipped the window over and I painted on the back side. I took that black paint and my brush and practiced. Then I flipped the window over and used a paper towel to erase the dry erase marker.

practice hearts for DIY window frame. thejunkparlor.com

You could totally do the same thing with an actual stencil. You could print off a saying or some words with your printer. Tape your stencil to the back side of the window. Trace what you would like to paint, then use a paint pen or a chalk pen.

Quick and Easy DIY Window Projects Video

Watch the easy DIY window video below and see how my three ideas turned out. Maybe this will motivate you to do a craft with some windows. If you are local I do have a ton of single pane windows. They are $5 each. Send me an email or message me on Facebook.


Here are a couple other window projects…chicken wire and terrarium.

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