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Quick & Easy Jar Lid Pumpkins for Your Fall Decor

In the video you will find a quick and easy way to make upcycled pumpkins from jar lids.  This DIY requires very few supplies.  You can keep your jar lids as is for a neutral look or you can paint them orange or another color for your fall decor!


You will need approximately 15 jar lids, wire, wire cutters and something to make the stem out of.


Some ideas for pumpkin stems :

  • a door knob or cabinet knob
  • cinnamon sticks
  • dowel rod, or cut to size wood handle
  • clothes pin (rounded style)
  • any piece of architectural salvage
  • salvaged stems from last years pumpkins
  • ceiling hooks

You may want to add some glue to your stem as well.  I’d just add what you have lying around, anything from a hot glue gun to E6000 glue will work. Most of the time the stem is wedged securely between the jar lids and no adhesive is needed.

Watch the Full Tutorial


After you gather your supplies you are ready to get started assembling your pumpkins. If you have decided that you want to paint the pumpkins, I would paint the jar lids now, before you assemble your pumpkins. Once you have assembled your pumpkin, but before you add a stem, I would put a second coat of paint on the jar lids.

First you want to cut a piece of wire. Cut one longer than you think you need because it will be easier to work with. You can use your wire cutters to shorten it after you have assembled your pumpkin. You can also just fold and tuck in the extra wire into the lids.

After you have your wire, assemble the jar lids on your hand. As you place them on your hand make sure that each lid you add goes on top/over the lid before it. The center section of the pumpkin is going to be much smaller than the outside section. You want to assemble approximately 15 jar lids on your hand.

Next, run the wire you cut through the holes of the jar lids. Keep both ends coming out of the same gap between the jar lids.

I like to pinch both pieces of wire in pliers and then twist both wires at the same time. Using the pliers helps me have a longer reach than just using my fingers. It also allows me to twist the wire tighter. Tight wire makes it easy to just push down a “stem.” If you don’t get your wire tight, just use more filler, like Spanish moss. Or, add glue to help hold everything together.

Once the wire is tightened and secure trim any access or tuck it inside the lids. Now you can spread out the jar lids so that you don’t have one big gap. Instead the gaps are more evenly spaced.

If you have painted one coat, or want to paint your pumpkin, I would do it now.

Select your filler and your stem. Filler could be Spanish moss, raffia, or even a ribbon. In this example I am using Spanish moss and a clothespin. The filler, does just that. It helps fill in the hole that remains from the jar lids so that your stem will sit in there securely without needing to use glue.

Push the filler down into the hole using the stem.

That’s it! Your pumpkin is ready to be put on display!!

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I hope you enjoy this tutorial.  If you’d like to watch another easy fall decor project, click HERE. You can reuse these “pumpkins” for your winter decor! See how HERE.

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