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Rescuing Paint Brushes

I’ve tried many methods of rescuing paint brushes over the years. Why do I forget to wash them out?

Forgotten, dried out brushes make me mad. thejunkparlor.com

One of my followers suggested to use Murphy’s Oil Soap. Murphy’s is one of my favorite products. This method is only going to work with water soluble paints. You will need to submerge the brushes completely in Murphy’s, and let them soak. Here’s where you need some patience: you will need to let them chill out in the soap for at least 24 hours. Sometimes, even up to a few days if there is a lot of paint caked on the brush. I tried it on a few brushes with different kinds of paint.

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Rescuing Paintbrushes – Part 1

Soak your forgotten brushes in Murphy's Oil Soap. thejunkparlor.com

This trick worked on latex, chalk paint, and milk paint.

Check out Rescuing Paintbrushes – Part 2

A clean brush. The Murphy's Oil Soap trick works! thejunkparlor.com

You can save the Murphy’s Oil Soap in a jar and keep using it over again. The last little brush I tried, in part three of the video series, had been forgotten for a long time! Give it a try on your brushes and let me know how it works for you!

Rescuing Paintbrushes Part 3

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