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Reseller Tips for Inventory Organization

There are so many reseller tips for inventory organization, but here are a few I find helpful!

What is on your to do list?

You might have guessed that I like lists! They help me prioritize and channel my efforts into actually accomplishing something instead of feeling like I’m just staying busy. Some days I make a list in the morning. However, I have found that it works better for me if I make a list the night before.

Try it! It doesn’t seem like it would make a difference, but for some reason it does!

You might have guessed that I like routines too! 

Routines help me get more accomplished. We all know what tasks need done for our business. I think it’s helpful to assign certain tasks to certain days of the week. 

Routines create habits and habits are when we do things without thinking about it. Things get done quicker, because we aren’t debating on whether or not we “want” to do something. We just do it because that is the day we do it!

We all have those tasks that we don’t enjoy as much. The key is to make time for those tasks. Get those on your list and make them a part of your routine! You will dislike those tasks a lot less when they become a habit!

You need to make the time for tasks that you don’t enjoy.  I hate that feeling I get when I’m dreading doing something more than actually doing that task.  If it becomes part of your routine then a lot of that stress and anxiousness goes away!

I feel very strongly about having lists, routines and habits. 

One reason I’m so into this system is that having a task on a list forces me to do that task. Making lists forces me to stop and think about what NEEDS to be done.

The biggest one that comes to mind is organization of inventory. As resellers, we buy a lot. I know more dealers that have inventory out the ears then I do resellers that need inventory.

I think we all know why that is! It’s fun to buy! 

It’s fun to go hunting for treasures! It’s not always fun doing all the other tasks of running a business. And when you get a lot of inventory, the task of organizing it seems overwhelming!

Trust me when I say that you need to make the time to get organized. We want to make a profit in our business. Buying more isn’t going to get you there. Selling what you have will.

Covid was probably the first time this really hit home.  I couldn’t go out sourcing like usual, so I was forced to focus on selling what I had.  I dug out all the junk drawers, junk piles, dug through every inch of storage selling what I had stashed away.

Focusing on selling, helped me sell more.  Being limited on buying due to covid forced me to buy less.  The result was more profit!

Then, we decided to move!  I knew we were moving for over 6 months before anyone besides my husband found out.  This was another event in the universe that forced me to slow down on how much I bought and focus on selling what I had.

Again, the result was more profit.

As resellers we make money selling pieces.  You can buy awesome inventory at a cheap price, but if you don’t complete the process with a sale, it doesn’t help your bottom line.

You need to figure out a system that will help you tackle your inventory. Maybe you set aside an hour a day. Turn a timer on and organize. 

Maybe you recruit help and spend an entire day tackling your inventory. Maybe you tackle a shelf a day.

Maybe you share 10 items a day with prices on social media to get them sold.  The easiest way to organize is just by having less to organize!!

I’m sure we’ve all watched an HGTV show where people talk about needing more storage and a bigger house.  Every time the reveal looks amazing simply because there is less stuff!!  So what those home owners really need is to purge half of their belongings.

And that’s the same often with dealers.  You need to stop buying, sell what you have and organizing what remains will be so much easier!

Whatever you choose to do, make the time to get started.

Some tips… use carts like THESE. It’s so helpful when you get everything off the ground but you can move things around!

When I first started reselling, I’d get things organized and then need to get to something or change my mind about how I organized things and have to move everything to make that happen!  

Our goal should always be to have fewer touches.  We don’t want to move something, just to move something, so wheels are a necessity!

Group like items. You don’t need to buy more watering cans if you have 20 sitting in storage. But you only know you have that many if you can see them all together in one place.

Go up! Are your ceilings tall? Hang shelves a foot or two off the ceiling for light medium size pieces. I’ve used a TON of these over the years.

You can even just have a ton of nails on the wall and hang up mirrors and art!

Flexibility in your storage space and being able to see everything is so important.  When a customer asks if you have XYZ, you should be able to say yes AND quickly locate that piece in storage.

When that doesn’t happen then you’ve lost out on a sale!

It’s not fun, unless you like to organize like me, but it is a necessary part of running a profitable business! So stop putting it off and make a plan to attack your inventory!

What tips do you have for taming inventory organization?

If learning from others is something that you feel is valuable for your business, then join us in my Staging Your Antique Shop group, a coaching group for resellers!

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Inventory Organization for Resellers

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