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Show and Tell and Good Tips

On Facebook this week I did a Show & Tell. This is where I show off all the cool things I’ve found over my last few trips to thrift shops, picking, and making deliveries.


What’s on Trend?

Pickin' finds from The Junk Parlor at thejunkparlor.com

Wall baskets, eucalyptus leaves, things that are coral color, and architectural salvage pieces.

I don’t usually go for baskets – but some of these caught my eye, and I think they will give my store vignettes some color and texture.

Light Fixtures

Pickin' finds from The Junk Parlor, visit thejunkparlor.com

Here’s a quick DIY on how to add temporary plugs to lighting. Customers want to see if pieces work – this is an easy way to show off the light without having to hard wire everything.

Shop for Christmas all year

Don’t pass up holiday items in July – work to find cute items for Christmas all during the year. You don’t want to come into the season and not have enough inventory. I like to keep all of my Christmas items stored in totes and labeled.

Look for hidden treasures

In this planter I found a flower frog in the bottom. These little gadgets are super useful, so this was a great bonus find!

I liked the height of this piece, and that it was all white. It will look great with a plant, or just as part of a vignette on your shelf.

Pickin' finds from The Junk Parlor.  thejunkparlor.com

I hope you enjoyed seeing all my great finds – tune in every Sunday at 6pm CST for my Facebook Lives!

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